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Enter phone number in the search field below, no format necessary.

Using the Yellow Pages Goes Green "Search by Phone" Feature:

To use this feature, enter a telephone number in the white box. Just type in the 10-digit area code and phone number you are seeking information about (while no specific phone number format is required, best results may be achieved by typing the number like this: 123 456-7890) and click the green "Search" button to the right of the phone number field. The results of your "Search by Phone" search will appear in a list below the phone number box.

What to do if you are unsure of the area code:

If you aren't sure of the area code but have the seven-digit local number, "Search by Phone" will give you a list of links to all of the businesses whose phone numbers match, along with their respective area codes. Once you've found the business you were looking for, clicking the corresponding link will take you to the listing for that particular business, complete with a description, full address and a map showing its location. What could be easier?

Unpublished or cell phone numbers:

In the event that the number you are seeking is unpublished or a cell phone number, "Search by Phone" will soon provide links to other "reverse directory" web sites where you will be able to find further information.

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