French Yellow Page Company Starts “Don’t Do It Yourself” Ad Campaign Aimed At DIY Crowd

Throughout the internet, the latest and greatest craze if the whole “Do It Yourself” phenomena, otherwise known as DIY. An artistic movement fueled by instructional YouTube videos that encourages the layman – and laywoman – to seek out clever and homespun solutions to numerous challenges ranging from plumbing to house maintenance to auto repair and more, DIY has siphoned off a segment of the population that has traditionally been the first to call for professional help to overcome simple household issues. However, leave it to the French version of the Yellow Pages to pave a pathway that is drawing the DIY crown back into the fold, so to speak, and it’s something that their American counterparts should seriously consider emulating.


PagesJaunes – the French Yellow Pages – has been turning heads with a new ad campaign called “Don’t Do It Yourself.” Ironically structured much like your standard DIY video, the Don’t Do It Yourself (DDIY) ads take the form of a series of instructional videos that seek to turn the consumer away from threat of trying – and failing – to complete repairs and the like on their own, instead encouraging them to pamper themselves and leave the hard stuff to a trained professional who can get the job done right.


Using well-known French media personalities from fields such as the fashion, culinary and home decor worlds, the DDIY ads extol the virtues of their catchphrase: “It’s always better to call a pro.” Showing how effective professional help can be when it comes to looking your best, eating well, and designing your dream home can certainly be a persuasive argument for booting up your computer or smartphone and hitting up your local online Yellow Pages, right? With certified experts in practically any and every field you’d care to mention at your fingertips, boasting years and years of experience, it only makes sense.


But, as the PagesJaunes DDIY ads go on to point out, it’s not merely getting the right person for the right job that makes their message so persuasive. It’s also the emphasis on the relational aspect of calling a pro for your needs. In an era where the internet makes everything more and more impersonal, engaging with real people and actually meeting them in-person feels more communal; the Yellow Pages are not there to sap your money, but to be a convenience and put you in touch with local expertise from people you’d probably like meeting anyway.


While figuring out how to fix a chair or repair a leaky pipe to mend a busted seam on a jacket may be a fun endeavor to play around with, sometimes it’s just as nice – if not nicer, in fact – to sit back and allow a professional to get their hands dirty and get the job done right the first time around. Plus, engaging the services of a trained, licensed, and insured expert the next time you need help with just about anything puts your money into your local economy, which is beneficial for just about everyone who lives in your area; that, on top of getting the help of a legitimate pro, should be reason enough to consult your local Yellow Pages to cover your needs. So the next time you have an issue that may be beyond the capabilities of your DIY skillset, visit your online Yellow Pages and get the job done, and done right.