Radaris Reveals Continuous Innovations to Data Access Tools

The integration of personal, professional and property data improves public awareness and accountability

BOSTON - Radaris, the public records search engine, today announces a host of product improvements, data access innovations and data source updates that have been added in recent weeks. The improvements include the option to append specific relatives to background checks; tighter integration of phone, property and professional records; and the addition of asset value assessments to premium reports.


Known for both its comprehensive information from local, state and federal sources and its ease of use, Radaris has quietly been making many changes to improve access to public data. These innovations to the Radaris suite of data access tools make it easier for users to research and understand the history of any person or business they encounter.


The product improvements include the option to append the details of a specific relative to a purchased background report without added cost, expanding the possibilities for discovery and understanding of any subject. Also completed recently is the addition of asset value assessments made possible through a technical innovation that creates a greater integration of our data universe.


The result is that information previously available only through separate reports is now more consistently connected and referenced in all of the reports available. This information can include; full names, aliases, age, date of birth, property ownership and rental records, current address, bankruptcies, phone numbers, liens, email addresses, civil judgments, court records of driving citations, speeding tickets, felonies, misdemeanors, neighbor's names, relative's names and addresses, marriage and divorce records when available.


Together, these innovations and improvements serve the pillars of the Radaris public records business including; background checks on people, company research under the BizStanding.com business directory brand, property record reports, and phone number owner discovery through its reverse phone lookup.


Radaris is the leader in integrating public records data sets and making them available for the consumer market because of a belief that access to information is a vital asset to an open society.


As always, Radaris strives to provide the best data in the market. If users are not able to find the information they need, our customer service team will personally help them find the best available report.


Please visit Radaris.com today or call our team at 1-855-RADARIS for assistance in any research.


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