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Yellow Pages Business Designed for Muslim Community Launches Search Service Nationally


NEW YORK, NY – Just a few weeks ago we reported the launch of a new Yellow Pages service specific to the solar power industry and delivering business listings for the most part, in California. However, today we caught wind of another newly launched Yellow Pages service, this time, specific to the Muslim Business Community.


The site, announced via a press release, is called Muslim Yellow Pages, and is a new service that connects Muslim consumers with Muslim run businesses throughout the nation. The site also features classifieds, job postings, coupons, an e-mail newsletter and Muslim related event listings; however, being that the site appears to be quite new, most of the categories look empty.


Subscriptions for business listings on the service seem somewhat costly (when compared to YPGG) with monthly subscription pricing ranging from $75 to $125 per month for its paid options with one free listing opportunity in a single category.


According to the press release, the service aims to provide an easy connection between Muslim customers and Muslim businesses throughout the region.


Muslim Yellow Pages aims to provide an easy connection between Muslim customers and Muslim businesses throughout the region. In visiting the new website, customers will gain immediate access to hundreds of businesses, ranging from accounting firms to wholesalers.


The site was created by a digital marketing agency and website design firm in Dallas, Texas called Click4Corp. The company will obviously benefit from having its own Yellow Pages business to contact and communicate with small business owners and organizations who will likely be in need of web sites and promotion.

Specialized Yellow Pages Designed for Solar Industry Launches Search Service in California


PASADENA, CA – A new specialized Yellow Pages service has popped up in California which is designed to help home owners locate and choose among a group of vetted vendors, manufacturers, contractors, roofers, lenders, and other service providers in the solar installation industry.


The site, called, is operated by Energy Advisor Hub, a technology start-up in the solar industry. The launch of the site was announced in a Business Wire press release where company executives Chris Gregory, Vice President of Sales and Amir Salahi, founder and CEO touted the services intended usefulness and purpose.


“When installing solar panels on a home, the three most important factors are the quality, dependability and cost effectiveness of the installer,” says Amir Salahi, founder and CEO of Energy Advisor Hub. “The Hub thoroughly vets every solar installer listed in the Solar Yellow Pages, so homeowners can rest assured they are selecting proven experts in the industry. With the help of our expert Advisors, homeowners now have an advocate who will shop around, create competition, price compare and even help compare financing solutions and coordinate the project. Our goal is to help homeowners go solar affordably and with confidence.”


The service is primarily an online search service which aims to connect homeowners in California with Solar energy experts and provides a simple means for consumers considering solar options to meet related providers already seeking new business. The site also intends to resolve what it states is limited choices which typically drive up prices in the industry.


“The traditional solar industry was built upon an antiquated, asset-heavy business model that offered limited choices and reduced competition and quality while driving up the price of solar,” says Chris Gregory, Vice President of Sales at Solar Yellow Pages. “With the Solar Yellow Pages, we aim to decentralize the industry, empowering independent providers through collaboration and helping to make solar more affordable for California homeowners.”


The company which describes itself as an Online Solar Marketplace is headquartered in Pasadena CA. Originally Registered in 1996; Eventually Sold for $100 Million


NEW YORK, NY – Imagine if you had the foresight, in 1996, to register the Internet domain name  That’s what a stock broker named Dane Madsen did when he found out that web addresses were able to registered by just about anyone with an idea and some cash on hand. was registered for roughly $130 and eventually sold for $100 million to the large telecom companies who run the old print phone books such as AT&T. The domain name was initially a website having nothing to do with the phone companies who had printed phone books, a process used for over 100 years before the Internet.


Today, according to our home page survey results, about 64 percent of Yellow Page users prefer online directories, over print books with about 35 percent saying they use the paper version. Over three hundred users have been surveyed in this poll, with each vote being cast by a unique IP address.


This number is also likely to grow with overall use of the Internet around the world. Other surveys have concluded that support for an “opt-in” method to receiving print books; verses being automatically subscribed are at 81% of respondents. But what would phone companies do if their circulation numbers plummeted?


These numbers suggest that online versions will continue to grow and be used more than conventional type Yellow Pages, and that Madsen’s purchase of the web address just might have been one of the greatest investments of all time.


The Yellow Pages industry and business model has been around since 1883, and was ironically a complete fluke accident when the printer ran out of white paper and used yellow paper instead.  However, despite the change in landscape and rise of the Internet, remains a valuable asset with little chance of seeing a downturn anytime soon.

Ban The Phone Books; Who Needs Them?


EAST NORTHPORT, NY – Do own or operate an environmentally friendly website or service? Are you pushing or advocating for a greener Earth? If so, you can support our website by making Yellow Pages Goes Green your official partner by adding a link to our environmentally friendly alternative to Yellow and White Pages directories while suggesting your users and visitors stop using traditional phone book companies and start using Yellow Pages Goes Green.


Our Yellow Pages alternative is fast, free and continually updated hosting over 27.5 million commercial business listings and over 250 million White Pages people pages. That’s a lot of information and it is changing and being updated and improved every day. Unlike print phone book which are continually being reprinted to keep the up to date, Yellow Pages Goes Green saves all this waste and is a digital only service.


Users can find all of the information they need through this single source, while helping promote the environment and helping us advocate for the discontinuation of print telephone directories. Yes and you can help by suggesting your users and visitors to cease using traditional players; those who still print paper directories and distribute them to homes and businesses who for the most part, do not even want them.


For some ideas on how you can recommend us on your website, blog, or other Internet site please click here for images and links. If you have other ideas on how you can team up with Yellow Pages Goes Green, we are always open to hearing them and you can contact us here.

Lincoln County Sanitation District in Kentucky Recognized by EPA for Excellence and Innovation in Clean Water Infrastructure


ATLANTA - On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the Junction City to Hustonville sewer project in Lincoln County, Kentucky. as one of 30 clean water infrastructure projects for excellence and innovation within the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program. Honored projects include large wastewater infrastructure projects to small decentralized and agriculture projects.


“The Clean Water State Revolving Fund plays an integral role in advancing the President’s infrastructure agenda, providing communities with low-interest loans so that they can modernize aging infrastructure, create good jobs, and better protect public health and the environment,” said EPA Office of Water Assistant Administrator Dave Ross. “The scale and complexity of the 2018 PISCES recognized projects represent the determination, coordination, and creativity our partners put forth to achieve their water quality goals.” 


"The Clean Water State Revolving Fund is an extremely important source of funding to ensure communities in the southeast have access to clean, safe drinking water and the infrastructure necessary to support local needs," said EPA Region 4 Administrator Trey Glenn.


The Lincoln County Sanitation District constructed a sanitary sewage system for 535 residential and 50 commercial customers that previously did not have sewer service. The new collection system was a critical upgrade because it replaced 223 failing septic tanks, 101 straight pipes, and two package treatment plants that previously discharged raw sewage. The new conveyance system was made possible through the collaboration of many supporting partners including the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority CWSR, which provided over $4 million in financing for the project.


The CWSRF is a federal EPA-state partnership that provides communities a permanent, independent source of low-cost financing for a wide range of water quality infrastructure projects. Over the past 31 years, CWSRF programs have provided more than $132 billion in financing for water quality infrastructure.


EPA’s Performance and Innovation in the SRF Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) program celebrates innovation demonstrated by CWSRF programs and assistance recipients.


Learn more about each of the 2018 PISCES-recognized projects at

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