Specialized Yellow Pages Designed for Solar Industry Launches Search Service in California


PASADENA, CA – A new specialized Yellow Pages service has popped up in California which is designed to help home owners locate and choose among a group of vetted vendors, manufacturers, contractors, roofers, lenders, and other service providers in the solar installation industry.


The site, called SolarYellowPages.com, is operated by Energy Advisor Hub, a technology start-up in the solar industry. The launch of the site was announced in a Business Wire press release where company executives Chris Gregory, Vice President of Sales and Amir Salahi, founder and CEO touted the services intended usefulness and purpose.


“When installing solar panels on a home, the three most important factors are the quality, dependability and cost effectiveness of the installer,” says Amir Salahi, founder and CEO of Energy Advisor Hub. “The Hub thoroughly vets every solar installer listed in the Solar Yellow Pages, so homeowners can rest assured they are selecting proven experts in the industry. With the help of our expert Advisors, homeowners now have an advocate who will shop around, create competition, price compare and even help compare financing solutions and coordinate the project. Our goal is to help homeowners go solar affordably and with confidence.”


The service is primarily an online search service which aims to connect homeowners in California with Solar energy experts and provides a simple means for consumers considering solar options to meet related providers already seeking new business. The site also intends to resolve what it states is limited choices which typically drive up prices in the industry.


“The traditional solar industry was built upon an antiquated, asset-heavy business model that offered limited choices and reduced competition and quality while driving up the price of solar,” says Chris Gregory, Vice President of Sales at Solar Yellow Pages. “With the Solar Yellow Pages, we aim to decentralize the industry, empowering independent providers through collaboration and helping to make solar more affordable for California homeowners.”


The company which describes itself as an Online Solar Marketplace is headquartered in Pasadena CA.