Turlock Journal Article Calls Out Yellow Pages Decline with Seemingly Accurate Analogies


NEW YORK, NY - I stumbled upon an article in the Turlock Journal written by Dennis Wyatt which lays out a bunch of accurate analogies about the Yellow Pages, or as he calls it, today’s Yellow Page, a severally shrunken down version of what once was, an essential item in every American home, say, thirty years ago.


Some of the points that hit home, not only seemed accurate, but were also comical were:


  • In the early 1970s when delivery crews tossed the Yellow Pages onto your doorstep it sounded like they had thrown a brick.
  • In many households the Yellow Pages was referenced with greater frequency then the Bible.
  • There was a time when you actually looked forward to receiving the phone book directory.
  • The phone book saved you from being charged for calling directory assistance (as well as a little extra to dial the number for you so you did not need to write it down).
  • The White Pages is also shrinking as fewer and fewer households have landlines.
  • Today most people pick up the Yellow Pages on our doorsteps and walk directly to the recycling cart and drop the phone book into it.


Other interesting points were that back in these days when the phone book was a hot commodity we used to remember phone numbers so well that we still remember them 50 years later. I’d bet for most adults, they still remember their childhood home phone number. However, these days that information is easily stored in our mobile device.