AT&T, Comcast Announce Anti-Robocalling Fraud Milestone Believed to be Nation’s First

COMMACK - AT&T and Comcast announced last week that both companies have completed successful tests of new Caller ID authentication systems that are, over the course of regular use, able to verify if the phone number of an incoming call is legitimate or spoofed by utilizing digital certificates.

Before this technology is officially rolled out, a good piece of advice is to ignore calls from unknown numbers, especially if that number features the same first three digit exchange as your own; this is a common spoofing practice for robocalls, as a familiar number is one a person is more likely to answer.

TIP: By ignoring spoofed calls (not picking up), you can actually reduce the overall number of robocalls you receive in the future, as the tech behind auto dialers will tend to abandon a number that consistently fails to pick up. Also, remember to be very picky about giving out your phone number at all times, especially when it comes to sharing it online.