Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Eric Hitchens was an Anglo-American author, columnist, essayist, orator, religious and literary critic, social critic, and journalist. He contributed to New Statesman, The Nation, The Atlantic, London Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, Slate, and Vanity Fair. Hitchens was the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 30 books, including five collections of essays, on a range of subjects, including politics, literature, and religion. A staple of talk shows and lecture circuits, his confrontational style of debate made him both a lauded and controversial figure and public intellectual. Known for his contrarian stance on a number of issues, Hitchens criticised such public and generally popular figures as Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, and Diana, Princess of Wales. He was the elder brother of the conservative journalist and author Peter Hitchens.

Having long described himself as a socialist, a Marxist and an anti-totalitarian, Hitchens began his break from the established political left after what he called the "tepid reaction" of the Western left to the controversy over The Satanic Verses, followed by the left's embrace of Bill Clinton, and the antiwar movement's opposition to NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s.

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An atheist, and a self-described antitheist, Hitchens viewed the concept of a god or a supreme being as a totalitarian belief that destroys individual freedom, and argued free expression and scientific discovery should replace religion as a means of teaching ethics and defining human civilisation. In 2007, Hitchens published his most popular book, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, which was a New York Times bestseller.

In June 2010, Hitchens was on tour in New York promoting his memoirs Hitch-22 when he was taken into emergency care suffering from a severe pericardial effusion and then announced he was postponing his tour to undergo treatment for esophageal cancer. He announced that he was undergoing treatment in a Vanity Fair piece titled "Topic of Cancer". Hitchens said that he recognised the long-term prognosis was far from positive, and that he would be a "very lucky person to live another five years". Hitchens died on December 15, 2011 at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. According to Andrew Sullivan, his last words were "Capitalism. Downfall." In accordance with his wishes, his body was donated to medical research. Hitchens wrote a book-length work about his last illness, based on his Vanity Fair columns. Mortality was published in September 2012.

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The Christopher Hitchens Web Archive

"The Junkie and the Atheist" by Timothy Egan (New York Times, 12.3.10)

Interview with Tony Jones on ABC

"Miss Manners and the Big C" (Vanity Fair, December 2010)

brilliant website by a comrade from Finland

"Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan at the 92nd Street Y" by Dan Ostland (Beautiful Horizons 10.6.10)

"Not So Hidden Influences: Is it so offensive to note the effectiveness of the Jewish lobby?" (Slate, 10.4.10)

"Atheists are best informed about religion" by Paul Thomas (New Zealand Herald, 10.2.10)

"Almost Noble" (review of Thirty Days: Tony Blair and the Test of History By Peter Stothard and A Journey: My Political Life By Tony Blair, Atlantic, October 2010)

"God's Bigmouths: Men like Bishop Eddie Long are fouling the legacy of the civil rights movement." (Slate, 9.27.10)

video of Sally Quinn interviewing Hitchens (Slate, 9.24.10)

"Unanswerable Prayers" (Vanity Fair, October 2010)

"Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan Debate: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?" at the 92nd Street Y, October 5th, 2010

"White Fright: Glenn Beck's rally was large, vague, moist, and undirected—the Waterworld of white self-pity." (Slate, 8.30.10)

video of Hitchens and Amis with Jeffrey Goldberg

"Chosen: The toxin of anti-Semitism isn’t a threat only to Jews." (reviews of Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England By Anthony Julius and A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad By Robert S. Wistrich, Atlantic, September 2010)

"It's Not Just About Israel: Six more reasons why we can't let Iran get nukes." (Slate, 8.16.10)

"Topic of Cancer" (Vanity Fair, September 2010)

update from Hitchens

"Christopher Hitchens, Not Going Gently" (New York Times, 8.14.10)

"Christopher Hitchens Comes Clean" by James Kirchick (Out, August 2010)

Neon Hitch playing Lollapalooza in Chicago.

"Mau-Mauing the Mosque: The dispute over the "Ground Zero mosque" is an object lesson in how not to resist intolerance." (Slate, 8.9.10)

Hugo Boss: What I learned about Hugo Chávez's mental health when I visited Venezuela with Sean Penn. (Slate, 8.2.10)

July 14 transcript of conversation with Hugh Hewitt

Why Kosovo Still Matters: The United States and Europe stood up to Serbia. Can they stand up to North Korea and Iran? (Slate, 7.27.10)

podcast with David Frum

"The Narcissism of the Small Difference: In ethno-national conflicts, it really is the little things that tick people off." (Slate, 6.28.10)

AOL/Asylum video of Hitchens at Cafe Lupe.

"In Memoir, Christopher Hitchens Looks Back" by Dwight Garner (New York Times, 6.1.10)

"Do I Contradict Myself?" by Jennifer Senior (New York Times Book Review 6.10.10)

on the Dennis Miller show (6.11.10)

"Charles, Prince of Piffle: A very silly man gives a very sinister speech." (Slate, 6.14.10)

"Christopher Hitchens' memoir a romp for all political persuasions" by Brett Sokol (Miami Herald, 6.13.10)

"The Party, in Exile" by Pamela Paul (New York Times, 6.11.10)

Questions for Christopher Hitchens by Deborah Solomon (New York Times Magazine, 5.31.10)

"Christopher Hitchens' Odd and Exravagant Life" (NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, 6.5.10)

June 4th: Hitchens at New York Public Library live stream.

"Hitch-22: a Memoir" by Terry Eagleton (New Statesman, 31 May, 2010)

"'Hitch-22': The two faces of Christopher Hitchens" by Ariel Gonzalez (Miami Herald, 5.30.10)

"Hitch-22 by Christopher Hitchens: review" by Thomas Jones (Telegraph, 30 May, 2010)

"Hitch-22: The identity politics of Christopher Hitchens" by Nathan Whitlock (Toronto Star, 6.5.10)

"Hitch a ride with a scrapper in Christopher Hitchens" by Bob Minzesheimer (USA Today, 6.2.10)

review by Graeme Wood (Barnes and Noble Reveiw)

Hitch-22 extract (TimesOnline, 3.14.10)

"Hitch 22: A memoir by Christopher Hitchens" by Toby Young (Guardian, 30 May, 2010)

"Both sides of the barricades" by John Walsh (The Independent, 28 May, 2010)

Hitch-22 reviewed by Diana McLellan (Washington Post, 5.30.10)

Haycast 03: Pervez Musharraf, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Bryson

"The Dark Side of Dickens" (review of Charles Dickens by Michael Slater, Atlantic, May 2010)

"Is the Vatican a Sovereign State? Elena Kagan and her colleagues in the solicitor general's office say it is. They should be ashamed." (Slate, 5.31.10)
MediaMatters criticizes Hitchens over piece

Hitchens: Proust Questionnaire (Vanity Fair, 5.6.10)

"Martin, Maggie, and Me" (Vanity Fair, June 2010)

"Kim Jong-il's Willing Accomplices: The West puts up with the evil madman's antics because we're afraid of triggering worse." (Slate, 5.25.10)

"The Author Who Played With Fire" (Vanity Fair December 2009)

The Lessons of 1989: The fall of the Berlin Wall is a reminder of the duty of solidarity." (Slate, 11.9.09)

"First, Silence the Whistle-Blower: The United Nations' shameful complicity in this year's corrupt Afghan elections." (Slate, 11.2.09)

"Faith No More: What I've learned from debating religious people around the world." (Slate, 10.26.09)
related link on Stephen Fry
COLLISION: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson

"The Pity of War" (review of The Somme: The Darkest Hour On The Western Front by Peter Hart, Atlantic, November 2009)

Hitchens #5 most influential print/online columnist according to Mediaite

Did the Toppling of Saddam Hussein Lead to Recent Events in Iran? Given the connections between Iraq and Iran, it's not as unlikely as it sounds." (Slate, 7.6.09)

God Is Not Great on paperback bestseller list past two weeks

"The Captive Mind" (Atlantic, May 2009)

"Ankara Shows Its Hand: Turkey's scheming at the Strasbourg summit proves it doesn't belong in the European Union." (Slate, 4.20.09)

"The Swastika and the Cedar" (Vanity Fair, May 2009)

"The Texas-Size Debate Over Teaching Evolution: Sure, discuss Darwin's 'strengths and weaknesses.' Just not in biology textbooks." (Newsweek, 3.28.09)

"Let Them In: When governments refuse to let politicians and academics into their countries, it's nothing but old-fashioned censorship." (Slate, 3.30.09)

"The Revenge of Karl Marx" (review of Marx's "Das Kapital": A Biography by Francis Wheen, Atlantic, April 2009)

"Swat? Not! Handing the Swat Valley to the Taliban was shameful and wrong." (Slate, 3.9.09)

"Christopher Hitchens and the Battle of Beirut" by Michael Totten (2.25.09)

"Conversations With Chavez and Castro" By Sean Penn (The Nation., 11.25.08)

"Don't Say a Word: A U.N. resolution seeks to criminalize opinions that differ with the Islamic faith." (Slate, 3.2.09)

"Demons and Dictionaries" (review of Samuel Johnson: A Biography by Peter Martin, Atlantic, March 2009)

"Avigdor Lieberman's Chutzpah: The right to return cannot confer the right to expel." (Slate, 2.23.09)

"Don't Let the Mullahs Run Out the Clock: Obama must talk directly to the Iranian people." (Slate, 2.16.09)

"Christopher Hitchens In Paris" by Kelly sans culotte (2.10.09)

"Is Zimbabwe Now a Rogue State? And is it germ warfare when cholera sufferers are forced to cross international boundaries?" (Slate, 2.9.09)

"Farewell to a Much-Misunderstood Man: John Updike preferred to be wrong on account of the right reservations than right because of the wrong ones." (Slate, 2.2.09)

"A Wonderful Day for Washington, D.C.: Now it's time to hold President Obama accountable for his promises." (Slate, 1.26.09)

"Dear Mr. President..." (World Affairs, Winter 2009)

"The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S." (Forbes, 1.22.09)

"No Regrets: Why I'm not sorry that George W. Bush beat Al Gore and John Kerry." (Slate 1.19.09)

"Cool Cat" (review of Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama, and The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso, Atlantic, February 2009)

"The Man Who Made Us Whole" (Newsweek, January 10, 2009)

"Assassins of the Mind" (Vanity Fair, February 2009)

"Bad Timing: Gaza could have been a model of the future Palestinian state. Instead, it is a place of repression and aggression." (Slate, 1.5.09)

"Suburbs of Our Discontent" (review of Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, Atlantic, December 2008)

Year End Questions (New York Times, 12.31.08)

Something I never expected to read. Not being judgmental, just an observation.

Hitchens currying favor with Bill Maher's audience to sell books

"America the Banana Republic" (Vanity Fair, 10.9.08)

"Goodbye to All That" (New York Review of Books, 7.17.97)

The Cruiser is dead at 91 (New York Times, 12.19.08)

snippet from "The Cruiser"

"Don't They Know It's Christmas?" by Nick Gillespie (Hit & Run, 12.11.08)

"Three Questions About Rick Warren's Role in the Inauguration: If we must have an officiating priest, surely we can do better than this vulgar huckster." (Slate, 12.19.08)

"Our Friends in Bombay: We must stand by our most important ally." (Slate, 12.1.08)

"Serving the Clintonian Interest: The last thing we need is a Clinton in charge of foreign policy." (Slate, 11.24.08)

"Barack to Reality: Obama's victory didn't magically eliminate America's problems and enemies." (Slate, 11.10.08)

Hitchens vs. Wilson sneak peak

"McCain's Shameful Slur: The Republicans' appalling attack on Rashid Khalidi. (Slate, 11.3.08)

Hitchens blog at

"Hitchens on McCain: 'Borderline Senile'" by Marc Cooper (10.24.08)

"Sarah Palin's War on Science: The GOP ticket's appalling contempt for knowledge and learning." (Slate, 10.27.08)

"John McCain is tipped to lose the US election battle" (Mirror)

Hitchens and Eric Alterman on Bloggingheads TV

"Vote for Obama: McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace." (Slate, 10.13.08)

"Cruel and Unusual" (review of The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V. S. Naipaul by Patrick French, Atlantic, November 2008)

"Those Hard-Boiled Eggheads" by Maureen Dowd (New York Times, 10.14.08)

"How To Win Afghanistan's Opium War: The best way to deprive the Taliban of drug profits? The United States should buy Afghanistan's poppy crop instead of trying to eradicate it." (Slate, 10.6.08)

"Let Them Count Houses: Can't we escape this tiresome demagoguery about candidates' income and property?" (Slate, 9.1.08)

"Master of Conventions" (review of Miami and the Siege of Chicago by Norman Mailer, Atlantic, September 2008)

"The Verbal Revolution: How the Prague Spring broke world communism's main spring." (Slate, 8.25.08)

"South Ossetia Isn't Kosovo: Whatever Moscow says, there are at least six significant differences between the two situations." (Slate, 8.18.08)

"The Strange Case of David Irving" (Los Angeles Times, 5.20.01)

"Iraq's Budget Surplus Scandal: Why do we have such a hard time hearing good news from Baghdad?" (Slate, 8.11.08)

"The Man Who Kept On Writing: Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived as if there were such a thing as human dignity." (Slate, 8.4.07)

"On the Limits of Self-Improvement, Part III" (Vanity Fair, Septmeber 2008)

"Oh, Lucky Man: Why Obama's attitude on the surge hasn't harmed his campaign." (Slate, 7.18.08)

"Questions for Doris Lessing" by Deborah Solomon (New York Times Magazine, 7.27.08)

"Losing Sight of Progress" (Slate, 7.21.2008)

"on the Barack Obama cartoon controversy" (Mirror, 15/07/2008)

"The War Between the Wars" (Slate, 7.14.2008)

"Cassocks and Codpieces" (review of Salman Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence, The Atlantic, August 2008)

"Book Drive for Iraq" (Slate, 6.30.08)

"Believe Me, It's Torture" (Vanity Fair, August 2008)

"The Male Brazilian: Catching On?" (College Candy, June 29,2008)

"Hitchens on Display" by George Packer (Interesting Times/New Yorker, 7.3.08)

"God, Politics and the Making of a Joyful Warrior" by John Meacham (Newsweek, June 23, 2008)

"A War Worth Fighting" (Newsweek, June 23, 2008)

"Christopher Hitchens Remembers Tim Russert" (Vanity Fair, June 14, 2008)

"Mourning Glory" (Slate, Juen 23, 2008)

"After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction" by Michael Powell and Jodi Kantor (New York Times, June 18, 2008)

"Still a Soixante-Huitard" (City-Journal, Spring 2008)

"Christopher Hitchens" by Alexander Linklater (Prospect May 2008)

"Mandela Envy" (Slate, 4.21.08)

"Flaws of Gravity" (Vanity Fair, 4.14.08)

"Arrested Development" (Atlantic, May 2008)

Hitchens on Withdrawal from Iraq

"Belief in Belief" (Free Inquiry, 1.23.08)

"Huck's Free Pass" (Slate, 1.21.08)

"Rebel with Causes" by Jerry Weinberger (City Journal, 18 January 2008)

"Prime Roller, Prepare to Meet a Wiseacre", by Michiko Kakutani (New York Times, 1.22.08)

"Victoria's Secret" (Atlantic, January/February 2008)

"And the real winner could be.." (Mirror, 05/01/2008)

"The Perils of Identity Politics" (Wall Street Journal, 1.18.08)

"The Case Against Hillary Clinton: Why on earth would we choose to put the Clinton family drama at the center of our politics again?" (Slate, 1.14.08)

"The Sidney Awards II" by David Brooks (New York Times, 12.28.07)

"Poetry and emotion" (The Mirror, 10/1/2005)

Sally Quinn interviews Hitchens ('s On Faith, 1.8.08)

"Does Religion Poison Everything? A Chat with Christopher Hitchens (The Black Republican, 1.9.08)

"Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in Debate: Does God Exist?" at the 92nd St Y in New York City, January 30, 2008

"Identity Crisis: There's something pathetic and embarrassing about our obsession with Barack Obama's race." (Slate 1.7.08)

"The Iowa Scam: The undemocratic caucuses are a terrible way to choose a presidential candidate." (Slate 12.31.07)

"Daughter of Destiny: Benazir Bhutto, 1953-2007." (Slate, 12.27.07)

"Something To Give Thanks For: Good news from Iraq." (Slate, 11.19.07)

"Norman Mailer: Remembering the pint-size Jewish fireplug." (Slate, 11.11.07)

"Divide and Conquer: The United States should be squeezing Turkey, not the other way around." (Slate, 10.29.07)

"Excerpt from The Portable Atheist" (USA Today)

"Tories and Radicals" by Richard Brookhiser (New York Times Book Review, 11.11.07)

Hitchensweb 10th Anniversary Link 1997 interview with the Progressive by Sasha Abramsky
(Personal favorite is the description of Abdullah Ocalan. The site should be back in fighting shape soon.)

Christopher Hitchens interview by Harrison Jordan (Notable Interviews)
(for the curious, Hitchens is wearing a yarmulke because the interview was conducted in a Shul and it is respectful for even non-believers to wear one.)

2007 National Book Award Nonfiction Finalist Interview by Jennifer Gonnerman

"The Courtier" (Atlantic, December 2007)

11.12.07 talk by Hitchens in Chicago "DO JEWS HAVE AN ATHEIST GENE?"

"Teresa, Bright and Dark" (Newsweek, 8.29.07)

"The New L-Word: Neocon" by Roger Cohen (New York Times, 10.4.07)

"A Death in the Family" (Vanity Fair, November 2007)

"The article that inspired a young man to enlist." (Slate, 10.3.07)

Mark Daily's MySpace page

"Maintained in China: Burma's foul regime depends on Beijing." (Slate, 10.1.07)

"God Bless Me, It's a Best-Seller" (Vanity Fair, September 2007)

"So Many Men's Rooms, So Little Time" (Slate, 9.3.07)

Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling (7.14.07)

"Transcending God" interview with Jennie Rothenberg Gritz (Atlantic, 7.12.07)

"Hitchens Book Debunking The Deity Is Surprise Hit" by By JEFFREY A. TRACHTENBERG (Wall Street Journal, 6.22.07)

"The Galloway Papers: Parliament's damning report about Saddam apologist George Galloway." (Slate, 7.23.07)

"Conrad's Heart of Darkness: The decline and fall of Conrad Black." (Slate, 7.16.07)

"Physician, Heal Thyself: Doctors are not immune to religious mania." (Slate, 7.9.07)

"Don't Mince Words: The London car-bomb plot was designed to kill women." (Slate, 7.2.07)

"The Grub Street years" (review of Dispatches for the New York Tribune: Selected Journalism of Karl Marx, edited by James Ledbetter, with a foreword by Francis Wheen, Guardian, 6.16.07)

Look Forward to Anger: It's impossible to satisfy "Rage Boy" and his ilk. It's stupid to try." (Slate, 6.25.07)

"A Different Argument" interview by Sean Nelson (The Stranger, 6.6.07)

"The Church of Skepticism" by Sean Nelson (The Stranger, 6.13.07)

New Yorker Cartoon

"Free Scooter Libby: The case gets weirder by the day." (Slate, 6.18.07)

Gore and Ronnie Raygun pass up Hitchens, who moves ahead of Einstein

"Think of England" (review of On Chesil Beach: A Novel by Ian McEwan, The Atlantic, July/August 2007)

review of God is Not Great by Johann Hari (15/6/2007)

"It's Now or Never" (Sunday Times, 6.10.07)

"The Three Atheists" by Stanley Fish (6.10.07)

Review of God is Not Great by Sam Schulman (Commentary, June 2007)

"Siege of Paris: The creepy populism surrounding high-profile defendants." (Slate, 6.11.07)

"What's Next for Kurdistan? A question every American politician needs to address." (Slate, 6.4.07)

Columns and Commentary 2007 National Magazne Awards winner, "Vanity Fair: Graydon Carter, editor, for three columns by Christopher Hitchens, Childhood’s End, January; The Vietnam Syndrome, August; Oriana Fallaci and the Art of Interview, December."

"A Family Tradition" (New York Times Book Review, 6.3.07)

"Christopher Hitchens on the Essential Stupidity of Religion" by Dwayne Booth (L.A. Weekly, 5.29.07)

"To believe or not to believe" (The Economist, 5.30.07)

god Is Not Great review by Jeremy Foster (Flakmagazine, 5.30.07)

"The French Correction: The principled new foreign minister shows how much France has changed of late." (Slate, 5.28.07)

"Secularism in the Elimination Round" by Jacques Berlinerblau (Chronicle of Higher Education, 6.1.07)

"The Catholic Boom" by David Brooks (New York Times 5.25.07)

"Astrology Not the Only Cosmic Hoax" (Washington Post, 5.23.07)

"Atheists with Attitude: Why do they hate Him?" by Anthony Gottlieb (New Yorker, 5.21.07)

"Thank God for Christopher Hitchens: For he has written the finest of the down-with-God books." by Mark Warren (Esquire, 4.25.07)

Peanut Envy: The latest absurdities to emerge from Jimmy Carter's big, smug mouth." (Slate, 5.21.07)

discussion of World Bank developments (LateLine)

Hitchens on Hannity and Colmes

podcast of interview on NPR (5.11.07)

"Christopher Hitchens Is a Treasure: A good, useful atheist." by Michael Novak (National Review Online, 5.17.07)

"Faith-Based Fraud" (Slate, 5.16.07)

Hitchens on Anderson Cooper show

"The Hitchens/Sharpton Smackdown" (Slate, 5.14.07)

"Unbelievable" by Daniel C. Dennett (Boston Globe, 5.13.07)

"In God, Distrust" by Michael Kinsley (New York Times Sunday Book Review, 5.11.07)

May 14, 2007, The Future Forum Presents: Christopher Hitchens and Marvin Olasky A Debate on Religion and Politics

"Is Christianity Good for the World?" Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson debate. (Christianity Today, 5.8.07)

audio of Hitchens discussing God is Not Great on Late Night Live

Hitchens on Charlie Rose (click on video image)

Hitchens, Sharpton and Faith By Sewell Chan (5.7.07)

"The Lion Roared" (cognitive karaoke, 5.8.07)

audio of Sharpton debate

"Londonistan Calling" (Vanity Fair, June 2007)

Q & A about above piece (Vanity Fair, June 2007)

"Partners in Crime: Robert Dallek's new book reveals the depravity of the Nixon-Kissinger double act." (Slate, 5.8.07)

"The Woman Who Made Iraq: Gertrude Bell scaled the Alps, mapped Arabia, and midwifed the modern Middle East." (review of Gertrude Bell Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations by Georgina Howell, Atlantic Monthly, June 2007)

"'god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything' by Christopher Hitchens" by Jack Miles (Los Angeles Times, 4.29.07)

Hitchens at NYPL May 7th

"Citizen Hitch: Godless provocateur Christopher Hitchens pledges allegiance to America" (Radar, 4.30.07)

"A Loser's History: George Tenet's sniveling, self-justifying new book is a disgrace." (Slate, 4.30.07)

"Are You There, God? It's Me, Hitchens." by Boris Kachka (New York Magazine)

"Pundit Christopher Hitchens picks a fight in book, 'God is Not Great'" by Bruce DeSilva (Associated Press, 4.25.07)

"Legalize It" (Foreign Policy, May/June 2007)

Hitchens on CSPAN

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is now available! (Thanks to visitors for their patience during the hiatus. Any links you find about the book will be appreciated.)

""Mormonism: A Racket Becomes a Religion"" excerpt from God Is Not Great (Slate, 4.27.07)

"Was Muhammad Epileptic?" excerpt from God Is Not Great (Slate, 4.26.07)

"Religion Poisons Everything", excerpt from God Is Not Great (Slate, 4.25.07)

offer from The Liberal

"Suck It Up: After the shootings came an orgy of mawkishness, sloppiness, and false sentiment." (Slate, 4.24.07)

"A Hell of a Country: Ali Allawi's new memoir shows Iraq's collapse was inevitable." (Slate, 4.23.07)

"Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates" (City Journal, Spring 2007)

"One Fraught Englishman" (review of The Life of Kingsley Amis by Zachary Leader, Atlantic Monthly, May 2007)

"Holiday in Iraq (Vanity Fair, April 2007)

"Sliming Wolfowitz: The World Bank president did nothing wrong." (Slate, 4.17.07)

"The French Reaction: Le Pen rises again. (Slate, 4.16.07)

"The You Decade: There's a new narcissistic pronoun in town." (Slate, 4.9.07)

"These Men Are "Peacemakers"? Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams make me want to spew." (Slate, 4.2.07)

"The Omnivore: Clive James champions justice and common sense, with style." (review of Cultural Amnesia: Necessary Memories From History and the Arts by Clive James, Atlantic Monthly, March 2007)

"Mesopotamia Split?: Considering Peter Galbraith's proposal for Iraq." (Slate, 3.26.07)

"So, Mr. Hitchens, Weren't You Wrong About Iraq?. Hard questions, four years later." (Slate, 3.29.07)

"Blood and Oil: Three cheers for Iraq's new hydrocarbon law." (Slate, 3.12.07)

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