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Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is one of the largest online Yellow Pages directories in the United States. While many companies claim to be different versions of the Yellow Pages, Yellow Pages Directory is considered the only "Official Yellow Pages Directory." We are also proud to continue the original 'green' movement which promotes awareness and helps consumers easily opt-out of the multiple, different printed Yellow Pages deliveries across the United States. As an alternative to print, we offer a simple cost effective way to advertise online. In linking and supporting the original opt-out of print registry, our "Going Green" mission continues by supporting the interest in an 'Official Opt-In Registry' for printed distribution. In fact, our subsidiary website, "PaperlessPetition.org" is what fueled public awareness to the idea of an 'Opt-in' registry. Time and time again, consumers overwhelmingly support an only 'Opt-in' program. When the general public was asked if they would support an 'Opt-in' method of delivery and only receive a Yellow Pages or White Pages phone book, if they requested one. 81% of survey respondents said, "Yes." We believe this would have a positive impact on the environment and save taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Start the process and put your business online, with one of the most trusted, cost effective, websites in the marketplace today!

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is a registered Corporation in the State of New York and a certified Yext PowerListings® Network publisher. Yellow Pages Goes Green ® is a Registered Trademark in the United States and part of the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership.
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