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Top 10 Requirements For Search Engine Visibility
Top 10 Requirements For Search Engine Visibility

Top 10 Requirements For Search Engine Visibility

The number one question we hear time and time again is "How can I get my website to rank better in the search?" This is not an easy question and there is no set formula. If there was an easy way, everyone would do it, copy it, and then what? Not everyone can be Number 1. Google and other engines will literally change their algorithms overnight and they have the ability to make or break companies. We feel the best and only approach is diversifying your exposure using different techniques by the top search experts in the industry. Generally speaking there are 10 ways to improve your search results. Lets list them and lets see how they relate to the Yellow Pages enhanced marketing packages. The list is ranked in terms of importance.

As you may or may not know, videos are also very important part of the current Social Media landscape and a big part of search engine rankings. Google sometimes ranks videos in their search algorithms higher than an actual business itself. This makes videos an important part and critical step of any SEO platform. A company that can help with that is Voyage Pro.

Rule number 1: "Links", The most Important thing you can do for your website is get back links.
- The Premium, Executive, and Platinum Plan accomplishes this with a link on every page or most pages of our website, including a direct link to your site from our homepage. All plans will have a link on the 300 million pages of the white pages. There are only a few sites in America with this many pages that would even have the ability or capability to place 300 million links.

Rule number 2: "More Quality Links", This is rule number 1 and 2 because it is by far the most important thing you can do. We can't stress this enough. Gaining the higest total number of inbound links from reputable companies is almost impossible to do on your own.
- The Platinum Plan accomplishes this with our customized web portal, where you can add video gallery pictures, and edit them all from one single place. The top 150 websites in the US will display your business listing from our custom portal (with a link to your website).

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Rule number 3: "Social Media", Just a few years ago this was further down on the list in terms of importance. Now we rank this number 3, due to the relevance it has today in the marketplace.
- The Premium, Executive, and Platinum Plan accomplish this with posts to our 10,000 FB followers and 2,000 twitter followers.

Rule number 4: "Domain Name", Now while it may be impossible to buy quality domain names, due to the fact that they have been all purchased many years ago. You still have the ability to "piggy back" off other high quality domain names.
- The Platinum Plan accomplishes this with our custom web portal and access to the Yellow Pages Directory. Some other names where your listing will appear include, Google, Amazon Alexa, Aol, Bing, Apple, Yahoo, FaceBook, Waze, Snap Chat, Yelp, Trip Adviser, Instagram and so many more.

Rule number 5: "Unique Content", Unique content will give search engines an good reason to display your pages based on relevancy in keyword searches.
- The Platinum Plan accomplishes this with a feature on your listing that gives your business description a chance to fill the page with a nice amount of unique content. However your website will need that too, and a Yellow Pages press release will accomplish that by adding even more content about your business on the web.

Rule number 6: "Press Releases", Again more and more unique content is very important when it comes to search engine visibility. How will you get quality unique content about your business to reference you?
- The Platinum Plan accomplishes this with a hand written press release just for your business. Our top writers will interview you (by phone or email - whichever you prefer) and put together a high quality press release for your business. You would want that press release on your website as well. Making it a down-loadable PDF or make it a specific page on your site. This press release will help your site rank better because it adds more unique content about your business. As mentioned in number 5.

Rule number 7: "Website Age and Authority", Unfortunately the Yellow Pages directory can only help so much in that department. What we can say however, the longer you remain verified on our site and the longer you remain in the portal, the stronger your site authority will become.
- The Yellow Pages Directory accomplishes this by charging a low monthly price for their web data portal, making it affordable for every company big and small. The Yellow Pages web portal gives clients complete control of their listing information, ensuring it matches everywhere all over the web. This web portal data feed includes the top 150 websites in the country.

Rule number 8: "Uniformity in Citations", Businesses having matching details, especially those which include a link to a website help search engines know that contact details are likely valid. You want as many business listings including a website address as possible and you want them to match everywhere on the web. If a search engine sees a phone number and physical address that is always different and a company name that often does not match the other information, the probability score of accuracy is weak.
- The Platinum Plan accomplishes this with our custom web portal. Using the portal will allow the editing of all your listings from one simple location. This helps guarantee uniformity and accuracy of your business information.

Rule number 9: "Crawl friendly", When developing and creating a website, things like meta tags, heading tags, architectural elements, image descriptions, site map functions, and internal link structure are all important to search engine visibility. Your web designer should have set that up at the onset of creating your website. Certain things need updating and having a knowledgeable, up to date, web developer on staff is very important.
- The Yellow Pages Directory can do a complete diagnostic analysis of your site for a small service fee. If we find any changes that need to be made we will write up a report and send it to your web developer. Sometimes it is a good idea to have two sets of eyes looking at the same problem. Many times small things are just simply overlooked. Yellow Pages Directory does offer simple one page websites, along with hosting and maintenance for only $99 a month. Contact a sales rep, for details.

Rule number 10: "Pay per click advertising", This is the last and final step, for complete optimization of a website. This is also the only step that guarantees that you will rank number 1 or near the top for a particular search on Google. However, there can be no limit to what you spend, due to the fact it involves a bidding process from other businesses just like you. This is the only step that's available to you that allows you to see all the clicks and data metrics. It would be as if you were doing direct marketing for a particular phrase or search query.
- Yellow Pages directory can begin the process for you with a small Pay Per Click advertising campaign. However an effective campaign should start with a minimum monthly budget in the area of $500 per month or more. Please contact the sales team if you have any interest in PPC advertising.

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These top 10 items are the main pieces to the puzzle, for the best possible chance of web optimization. Right now, there is no other place on the web where you can obtain 95 percent of the puzzle pieces from one, low cost, monthly plan. The Platinum Plan is that plan. You should never put all your eggs in one basket, however to hire different companies for different parts of the plan is not cost effective. Yellow Pages Directory has a team of engineers that is dedicated in helping you grow your business. We hope that these top 10 rules to ranking your site better will help grow your business.

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