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DNA Tests for Ethnicity

World's Largest DNA Database

The Story of Your Family History is Locked Away in Your DNA

Uncover The Many Unique Aspects That Make You Who You Are.

Using our comprehensive service, uncover the many unique aspects that make you who you are. Delve into the depths of your multi-layered ethnicity; forge pathways to relatives long-thought lost or that you never even know you had to begin with; and weave a rich tapestry telling the story of your family’s history, all with nothing but a mere DNA test that is processed quickly and easily. It’s an adventure that’s ready and waiting for you!

Our DNA database is the world’s most comprehensive and it’s ready to deliver to you the secrets of your ancestry in four easy steps:

  1. First, order your DNA sampling kit and questionnaire, complete with simple, step-by-step instructions.
  2. Your DNA is sampled via saliva, and sent back to us to be tested via a pre-paid and addressed package that is included with your order.
  3. Once we receive your DNA sample, our scientists will painstakingly analyze over 700,000 individual genetic markers in order to give you the most accurate results possible by modern technology.
  4. Delivery of the results of your DNA testing will be within 6-8 weeks, and will be delivered via an email that will link to your personalized and comprehensive results and report.

Explore the richness of your distinct and unique racial and ethnic makeup, and discover that we are all truly alike in our diversity and differences.

Your DNA results will uncover the roadmap of your DNA across the globe and throughout the ages with an exhaustive breakdown of your ethnic background. While some of the results may be anticipated by family lore and physical traits, there’s likely to be a surprise – or several surprises, in fact – as well, as your chronicle your family tree and the pathways it’s trod throughout history.

We can connect you with family members you haven’t seen in years, and even – shockingly enough – people you didn’t even know were related to you!

With our massive membership network of global contacts, you can be sure that the results of your DNA test will span the globe, extending hands of friendship and familiar ties to people bonded to you by blood by separated by oceans and continents. Explore your family’s past together and learn from one another…you may find your new relatives are as surprised – and overjoyed – as your are to do so.

However, receiving your DNA results isn’t the end of your journey; indeed, you’ll find it’s just beginning.

Often, more questions will arise from the ones that have been answered by your DNA test results, and snippets of vital information may lead your investigation into your past into unexpected directions and areas of the world. Clues will pave the way to yet more mysteries that we will assist you with, with the end result being a deep and introspective look into the makeup and history of your distinct lineage and bloodline, telling the tale of your family dating back years, decades, and even centuries.

Our vast network of members ensures that there are a nearly-infinite number of ways to connect; and that no two ways will ever be the same.

Our database currently boasts over two million members and growing, and with their access to our billions and billions of detailed historical records ensured that each and every member is armed with the information and support they need in their quest to uncover the deepest and richest aspects of their past, as well as the brightest possible path to a better tomorrow with the ones they love.

“Who are you? That’s a good question…and one that I finally have answered!”

As a child, Monica always felt that she stood out from her classmates. However, it wasn’t due to her schoolwork or her participation in sports and other after-school activities, but more because of her interesting and unique look; one that she had always harbored an intense curiosity about, but that could not simply be addressed by consulting her parents, she said.

“I’ve always had a look about me that called forth a number of different possible ethnic clues…African-American, Asian, perhaps even Middle-Eastern? Clearly, my family tree has spanned countless continents and cultures, but outside of the stories that my folks told me about my family dating back to my grandparents, I couldn’t tell for sure,” she said. “That’s why I decided to have my DNA tested with your service, and the results were genuinely surprising, as well as elating. It turns out I have African, Samoan, and South American blood in my veins, and while continuing to use your service, I’m uncovering more of my family’s history – and getting in contact with cousins I never even knew I had – each and every day. It’s so fascinating, and I own it all to you...and a little saliva!”

Answers to frequently-asked questions:

  1. Does your service strive to maintain their customer’s privacy and security? Yes! We utilize groundbreaking and industry-leading standards and technology to ensure that your DNA information and any other personal data is 100% safe and secure. No private or personal information is distributed with any third-parties whatsoever and users can have their info and DNA on-file destroyed upon request.
  2. I’m interesting in taking a DNA test but would like to know the benefits. We are a DNA testing service that is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology in order to bring you the most accurate results in your quest to uncover your family’s unique and fascinating history. We can delve throughout generations of ancestry and pin-point specific regions of continents and countries relating to your origin, putting in touch with brand-new relatives and partners in your historical quest along with way via our expert DNA matching algorithms and matching.
  3. DNA can tell a lot, but what exactly will I learn from it personally? Your DNA test results will be analyzed against other members who have taken similar tests to judge potential genetic matches, as well as comparing and contrasting your ethnic make-up amongst 26 geographical regions across the world, ensuring cutting-edge information about who you are and where you stand in your extensive family tree.
  4. I believe that I may be at least partially Native American. What can your service tell me about my heritage? There is a possibility that our DNA testing may reveal that you have some proud Native American ties, with results covering extensive regions including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. However, our testing is not able to identify specific tribal affiliations nor can it be used as sole legal documentation of Native American ancestry.
  5. How is the DNA test taken? The DNA test kit will be mailed directly to you within mere days of having ordered it; once it arrives, you can take our simple and effective DNA test within the comfort and privacy of your very own home. Once a sample of your saliva is quickly and easily obtained via a collection tube by following the enclosed step-by-step instructions, simply mail the sample to us in the included addressed, pre-paid return package; once in our possession, the DNA sample will undergo processing by our team of crack scientists. Once completed, an email will be sent to you including a web link where you can view your personalized results online.
  6. Just how big is your database, anyway? When it comes to comprehensive ancestry testing via DNA, we are in industry leader with more than two million registered and tested members and growing, as well as a vast digital ethnic/heritage online archive with comprehensive resources numbering at over 16 billion historical records and counting.
  7. After I’ve taken my DNA test, how long will it take to receive my results? After we receive your DNA sample and deliver it to our labs for testing, test results are typically delivered to you within six-to-eight weeks. In order to expedite testing and ensure that there is no delay in processing your sample and thus receiving your results, your DNA testing kit must be authenticated online before testing can commence.
  8. How are my results delivered to me? Upon completion of the testing of your DNA sample by our scientists, you will be promptly notified via email. Upon receipt of this email, a clickable internet link within will take you to your own personalized results webpage where your results will be detailed. In addition, your results will also be available for viewing at any time at our website, protected at all times by your personal account password.
  9. Tell me about the technology that drives this amazing new DNA testing program. Our advanced techniques involve microarray-based autosomal DNA testing, which – utilizing a mere saliva sample – isolates and identifies the genome of a test subject in over 700,000 locations using the very latest in scientific laboratory equipment to ensure that the results that you receive are as accurate as humanly possible, giving you the much-needed keys you require to unlock the amazing secrets of your past.
  10. Is this testing open to both men and women? Yes, there are no restrictions whatsoever on our DNA testing when it comes to gender; both men and women possess the specific types of DNA that we test in our laboratory when it comes to uncovering your extensive heritage. Whereas most other DNA tests focus only on direct paternal lineage via the Y-chromosome (which only men possess) or direct maternal lineage via mitochondrial DNA (which both men and women possess), our advanced DNA testing spans all 700,000 genome locations, allowing an unprecedented degree of detail and accuracy in our results that can all the better help you to delve into the mysteries of your family tree…and solve them definitively.