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YPGG provides the eco-friendly alternative to the Yellow Pages.

Everyone is familiar with the traditional type of yellow pages. It's often printed on yellow stock paper, which is how it originally got its name. Before the development of the Internet the actual printed yellow pages were a real help and it came in handy in one book. In the past, it was about the only way you could find information about a local company or business. You just went to wherever you kept this big book, looked up the specific category you needed help with, and within a few minutes you often found exactly what you were looking for.

Now the Internet has changed all that. In this day and age, you can find whatever you need online in a snap. Plus you will find a lot more choices and details in what your looking for. Not only does it take less time, you usually have more information on the choices provided. On top of that, it's easier to use and it certainly weighs a lot less than the traditional, paper based, yellow pages book.

In addition to all the advantages of using the Internet, the online Yellow Pages information is delivered digitally. This in turn, makes the online yellow pages a much more environmentally friendly way to search. Due to the expansion of the Internet your local yellow pages has now gone "green".

Find Millions of Listings in Our Online Version of the Yellow Pages has literally millions of listings. I don't think you'll find that in your average local yellow pages or anywhere else. What you will find now, is that so many people are just dumping their yellow pages books, into the trash. The many companies that are printing them are wasting a phenomenal amount of our precious natural resources and the numbers are indeed staggering.

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Printed Yellow Pages Directories Are Destroying the Environment

Did you know that there are about 540,000,000 yellow page directories printed each and every year in the United States? In order to print over half a billion directories, the companies that print them are wasting 7,200,000 barrels of fossil fuel, they're burning up 3.2 kilowatt hours of electricity, and they've had more than 19,000,000 trees destroyed. This destruction is done each and every year!

That is an awful lot of waste and pollution, related to printing something that most people don't even use anymore in the first place.

What to Do to Stop the Madness?

If a printed version of the local yellow pages is delivered to your home in the future, or if you have some just laying around the house, you could either recycle them or use them yourself for some other purposes. For example: you could line your pet's cage with them, add them to your compost pile outside, or use them to wrap things up that you want to pack.

A better solution, if you're like so many other people that use the online yellow pages, why not get in touch with the company that's been delivering your directories and tell them to stop delivering them to you (at once). Since you do have better information available on the Internet, and by doing so you can do your part to put an end to having these relics of the past even printed to begin with. You will help save our planet, it will feel good, and you will be doing your part in making the world a better place.

To get the information you need, feel free to bookmark ,add it to your favorites, and please feel free to tell a friend. You'll have the business resources you need as well as search features that your local yellow pages just can't give you - all without the walking fingers!

So go-ahead, search for a business, add a business, and leave a comment. Rate a company on a scale of 1-5 which is a great way to help others get real feedback on a business. Compare and see for yourself, Yellow Pages Goes Green may be the most complete online Yellow Pages service on the Internet today.

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