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Thryv, Inc. Appoints Gordon Henry As Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Thryv, Inc. — a leading small business software provider — announced today it has appointed Gordon Henry as executive vice president and chief strategy officer (CSO). Henry moves into his new role after serving Thryv for the past five years as chief marketing officer. As CSO, Henry will be responsible for formulating long-term strategy, developing new sales channel opportunities, establishing strategic partnerships and M&A opportunities, and generating a range of events and other client acquisition activities. Henry will also be tasked with enhancing Thryv’s image via public relations initiatives and providing direction to the company’s advertising and brand teams. Henry will continue to report to CEO Joe Walsh and serve on Thryv’s Executive Committee. During his tenure as Thryv’s CMO, Henry helped build the company’s new product lines, develop the company’s client acquisition program, and transform the company’s brand into the recognizable, trusted SaaS leader it is today. “Gordon has been a key contributor to Thryv’s transformation over the past five years,” said CEO Joe Walsh. “I congratulate him on this new appointment. His understanding of the company’s vision will enable him to refine our strategy for the future and expand our relationships with important outside partners including agency resellers, corporate partners, affiliates and franchise clients.” This appointment comes during a period of significant transformation at Thryv. Earlier this year the company re-branded itself from DexYP to Thryv Inc. and launched new versions of its flagship SaaS products, Thryv and Thryv Leads. The company has also enhanced its client onboarding capabilities

First Autonomous Vehicles in Central Florida Now in Service in Lake Nona

ORLANDO, FL. – Central Florida’s first autonomous shuttles are on the road in Lake Nona, Orlando’s fastest-growing community. The fully electric, driverless shuttles will operate daily on an inaugural fixed route connecting the community’s entertainment district with residential communities. Together, with mobility solutions provider Beep and shuttle manufacturer NAVYA, Lake Nona’s autonomous shuttles are setting the standard for new mobility technology in the region. Images available here. In addition to supporting improved mobility at the local level, Lake Nona’s new autonomous shuttle service supports Florida’s ambitions to become a national leader in autonomous vehicle testing. Florida recently passed legislation to help cultivate the autonomous vehicle sector by bringing more businesses to the state for autonomous testing. Lake Nona, Beep, and NAVYA join a growing list of public and private companies exploring innovative solutions to improve connectivity within this community and beyond. “In Lake Nona, we dreamed of creating an infrastructure that would enable tomorrow’s innovators to thrive… tomorrow is here!” said Tavistock Group Senior Managing Director Rasesh Thakkar. “As proof, we’re excited to advance, along with our two visionary Mayors, the relationship with Beep and NAVYA creating the region’s first autonomous shuttle program launching the future of mobility.” Bringing the first autonomous shuttles to Central Florida further demonstrates Lake Nona’s commitment to testing new technology within its living lab where companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs convene to explore new trends and ideas. From a first-of-its-kind partnership with the local public school system and YMCA to a longitudinal health study for residents, Lake Nona continues to be

Hello Mobile Launches Plans With Free International Calling

DANIA BEACH, FLA. – Q Link continues an aggressive pricing roll-out for its prepaid cell phone service, Hello Mobile, by offering free international calling with all of its plans. The unlimited talk plans are available to all customers and cover free calling to over 60 countries around the globe. With unlimited talk and free international calling, Hello Mobile anticipates its plans will be particularly attractive to non-native customers whose family members still live in their home country. “There are lots of apps out there that let people make international calls without using their cell phone’s talk time; however, you have to be connected to a WiFi signal to use these apps. Our free international calling does not rely on a WiFi signal. You can call from the car, the beach, wherever,” said Issa Asad, founder and CEO of Hello Mobile. “This makes our service extremely valuable to consumers who need to connect with their friends and families back home and need a reliable solution that works without depending on WiFi.” While prepaid plans have become more popular in general, they are particularly useful for customers who do not have established credit. Newly arrived residents from other countries, including those visiting the U.S., those emigrating from their native country, and even asylum seekers, rarely have the necessary credit to qualify for a conventional wireless plan offered by the nation’s “big four” legacy carriers. Facing these limitations, Hello Mobile’s free international calling has unique, vital importance for this segment of the prepaid

Innovating ‘Green’ .ORG Site Yellow Pages Goes Green Announces Rebranding As

NEW YORK, NY – A New York based Yellow Pages company has announced it is re-branding itself as An innovator in Yellow Pages listings, the website, which began as in 2006, hosts over 27,000,000 business listings and over 280,000,000 residential White Pages listings in the United States. The service originally re-branded itself in 2010 when the business took a significant turn towards an environmentally sound mission pushing hard for the total elimination of print phone books. Together with online petition site, the two urged for an environmentally sound solution for consumers to opt-out of print phone book delivery gathering thousands of signatures which were then forwarded on to phone book companies. The service was the only one of its kind and attracted tremendous response from consumers looking to opt-out creating an undeniable and needed response from phone companies. For years, continued to work with municipalities and local governments around the country to establish ordinances to mandate Yellow Pages and White Pages only be delivered to home and offices that ask for them. As a result, in 2010, the city of Seattle passed the first ordinance requiring phone-book companies to let residents opt out of getting the yellow pages and assigned the companies penalties for each unwanted book delivered. The law was the first of its kind and was fought by the Local Search Association, an organization representing Yellow Pages publishers with the organization winning the case and striking down the law, however, the growing awareness of the case

Smartphones Having Negative Effect Upon Social Wellness, Experts Say

NEW YORK – The rise of smartphones and the subsequent embracing of social media has gone a long way to changing how we as a society communicate with one another, and those changes, while positive in many ways, also come with a equal number of negative factors that are having a detrimental effect on our collective social wellness, according to experts. Experts have noted that this can be especially detrimental for college and university students, who should be taking advantage of being on a large and diverse campus by establishing relationships and learning from people from different walks of life. File photo: Pixabay. Nowadays, people are communicating more than ever through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole host of others. While this is a great thing in terms of staying in touch with people that you might ordinarily not be able to, experts are saying that in many ways, smartphones and social media have resulted in people having less connection with one another than ever before in many ways. Previously, people would get together and have meaningful conversations where tone of voice, body language, and spontaneous replies would provide a truly cohesive and connecting experience between two or more people. Fast-forward to today, and social media apps have reduced that act to mere surface-level conversing, greatly reducing the quality of conversation overall. Things like empathy and establishing a connection tend to fall by the wayside when you’re merely typing in a quick sentence on social

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