Yellow Pages Goes Green Press Releases

Yellow Pages Goes Green Press Releases

Recent News by Yellow Pages Directory Inc.

Yellow Pages Goes Green® Announces Eight Online Petitions for Ban on Print Phone Directories
EAST NORTHPORT, NEW YORK, October 6, 2018 -- Yellow Pages Goes Green is helping municipalities and local governments around the country establish ordinances to mandate Yellow Pages and White Pages only be delivered to home and offices that actually request them.

Green Publisher Offers Scholarship to Students Pursuing Environmental Careers
EAST NORTHPORT, NEW YORK, September 19, 2018 -- Yellow Pages Directory Inc., which operates its nationally known 'green' version of the Yellow Pages at Yellow Pages Goes Green has announced that for 2019, the company is offering a $1,500 scholarship to graduating high school seniors whose career path takes them into fields related to environmental science or preservation.

Yellow Pages Goes Green® to Offer Annual College Scholarship to High School Seniors Pursuing Environmental Careers
EAST NORTHPORT, NEW YORK, September 14, 2018 -- ("YPGG"), a telephone directory at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious Green movement, has announced that beginning in 2019...

Yellow Pages Goes Green: Tips For Properly Managing Your Whitepages Listings To Avoid "Doxxing"
NORTHPORT, N.Y. - SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 PRlog -- ("YPGG") has revealed a series of tips to help avoid a growing malady in the age of the internet- a form of harrassment known as doxxing.

Consumers Beware: Yellow Pages Goes Green® Warns of Ongoing Yellow Pages Invoice Scam
NORTHPORT, N.Y. - SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 EIN Presswire -- Small businesses are being targeted by a unique and dangerous scam; paper invoice solicitations sent by postal mail.

Yellow Pages Goes Green: Opting Out of Phone Book Delivery is Vital For Consumers and Environment
NORTHPORT, N.Y. - August 30, 2018 EIN Presswire -- Companies which print paper books are burning 3.2 kilowatt of electricity per hour and wasting over 7,200,000 barrels of fossil fuel.

Yellow Pages Goes Green Survey Results Cement Fact; Consumers Prefer Digital Over Print
COMMACK, N.Y. - August 24, 2018 EIN Presswire -- Latest results of survey asking consumers if they prefer using print or online Yellow Page directories shows definite – and permanent – shift in public opinion.

Yellow Pages Goes Green Named Top 100 Local Website by Hubspot, MOZ, Others
NORTHPORT, N.Y. by Carrie Brunner — November 19, 2017 in Business --, owned and operated by Yellow Pages Directory Inc., a massive business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious "Green" movement.

YellowPagesGoesGreen 2017 Survey Results: More Than Ever, Public Turning to Online Yellow Pages
NORTHPORT, N.Y. - July 7, 2017 - PRLog --, a massive business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious "Green" movement, is proud to announce results of its 2017 survey. Presents Unique Look at Donald Trump on Eve of First Presidential Debate, a massive business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious "Green" movement, announces the publication of an article on their acclaimed green blog that offers a unique look at a young Donald Trump.

Yellow Pages Goes Green® Announces Certification with Green America ("YPGG"), a telephone directory at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious "Green" movement, has announced official certification by Green America®. and Domain Names Acquired by YELLOW PAGES GOES GREEN® Environmental Advocate
Innovator in digital telephone directory listings and advocate for staunch environmentalism, announces acquisition of new gTld Internet domain names.

Yellow Pages Directory Inc., Announces Acquisition of Domain
Environmentally-conscious Yellow Pages Directory banks on Internet domain name via Sedo Marketplace; Says will better serve millions of users, reach more consumers.

Unique Online Directory Inspiring The Nation To "Opt-Out and Go Green"
Nowadays, everyone everywhere is getting in on the environmentally friendly "green" movement. But to one Long Island-based web business, going green is more than just savvy marketing lingo. Reveals Results of One-Year Survey: Paper Or Online
YPGG puts question to the public with online survey to measure which version of Yellow Pages consumers use most. Survey conducted over one year via the homepage of the YPGG website by users. Introduces New Earth-Friendly White Pages
Newly-launched database will add to popular, fast-growing Web resource designed for everyone who prefers the convenience of searching for phone numbers and other information. Decrees: The End of 2012 Marks the End of the Print Phone Book Era
Facts speak for themselves - print phone directories harming both the environment and consumer wallets; offers effective digital alternative to both problems. Announces Expansion Into Canadian Marketplace
"Green" online business directory, already established in the United States now moves into Canadian business market with 1.2 million additional listings. Releases New Android Version of Mobile App on Google Play
Google's popular cellphone tablet operating system features environmentally-friendly app for free download on Google Play.

In Light Of 2011 Waste Figures, Firms Stance Against Paper Directories
With nationwide paper waste at an all-time high,'s uniquely green outlook leads the way to total digital distribution of the information you need. Introduces New Custom Business System
New feature allows businesses to include fully customizable description with online business information; Custom area ads field 'from the owner' to explain services in detail. Introduces New Green Voting System
Site ads the ability for users to vote on which informational format they use most in regards to accessing Yellow Page services- outdated, environmentally unsound print, or online sources. Lauds Green Initiatives; Partners With Environmental Organizations
San Francisco and Seattle are only the beginning. Grassroots efforts across the United States will lay the groundwork for the elimination of unwanted, unused and unnecessary printed phone books.

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Supports National "Opt-In" Movement
Yellow Pages Directory Inc. believes opting out from receiving bulky, wasteful paper yellow pages directories is a good start, but the greatest environmental benefit won't be achieved until those who want to continue receiving paper telephone books must opt in.

Yellow Pages Goes Green Spearheads Grassroots Call to Action
Local jurisdictions across the country must follow the lead of cities like San Francisco and Seattle in enacting legislation to curtail the proliferation of unwanted paper yellow pages directories.

Yellow Pages Goes Green Partners in Synergistic "Green" Initiatives
Working toward drastically reducing the number of printed telephone directories intruding upon our lives and destroying our natural resources is only one facet of this national ecofriendly movement.

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Yellow Pages Goes Green Champions Opt-Out Registry Initiative
Conservation and preservation of the environment are the core values behind the growing movement to eliminate the inundation of unwanted paper yellow pages directories.

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Acquires Opt-Out Registry
Eco-friendly internet-based alternative to bulky, wasteful, printed telephone listings gives consumers a green choice while offering opt-out from traditional yellow pages books.

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. & Yellow Pages Goes Green Acquires Interactive Cities
The Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is an Internet-based directory alternative to traditional telephone listings and it provides consumers a green choice while offering "opt-out"from receipt of printed yellow pages.

Interactive Cities Online Directory Turns Yellow Pages Green
Online directory alternative offers a positive green impact while allowing consumers to quickly and easily search through a complete database of businesses located in the United States.

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