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United States Telephone Directory is one of the leading web-based telephone directories, providing its users with a convenient resource to search for individual and residential telephone listings throughout the United States. By simply entering the desired name, city and state in the boxes above, you can look for telephone numbers and address information across the country. Even if you don’t have the full name or know the address of your subject, White Pages can help you locate that number you’re trying to find. is fast, easy and convenient to use. Just type the name and enter the location of the person you’re looking for from the drop-down search fields, then click the “Submit” button; White Pages will display your results in no time. Don’t have enough information to complete all the boxes? Don’t worry; the search platform will return a list of names, addresses and phone numbers that will help narrow your search and locate the person you’re seeking. Unlike bulky local printed phone directories, allows you to search for telephone numbers throughout the United States, including those of many heretofore hard-to-find private companies.

Utilizing a database of over 250 million telephone listings, we at are proud to offer our users the most reliable online source for finding both individual and residential phone numbers, as well as address information. Take a few seconds and give us a try!

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