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Population for Alabama : 50,24,279

Total Males: 2,365,734
Total Females: 2,527,452
Median Household Income: $52,035
Total Households: 1,888,504

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Estimated crime in Alabama

National or state crime

Overall crime

Agency Name Population Total Offenses Crimes Against Persons Crimes Against Property Crimes Against Society

Crimes Against Persons

Agency Name Assault Offenses Aggravated Assault Intimidation Homicide Offenses Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter Negligent Manslaughter Justifiable Homicide Human Trafficking Offenses Commercial Sex Acts Involuntary Servitude Kidnapping/ Abduction Sex Offenses Rape Sodomy Sexual Assault With an Object Fondling Incest Statutory Rape

Crimes Against Property

Agency Name Arson Bribery Burglary/Breaking & Entering Counterfeiting/Forgery Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property Embezzlement Extortion/Blackmail Fraud Offenses False Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game Credit Card/Automated Teller Machine Fraud Impersonation Welfare Fraud Wire Fraud Identity Theft Hacking/Computer Invasion Larceny/Theft Offenses Pocketpicking Pursesnatching Shoplifting Theft From Building Theft From Coin Operated Machine or Device Theft From Motor Vehicle Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts or Accessories All Other Larceny Motor Vehicle Theft Robbery Stolen Property Offenses

Crimes Against Society

Agency Name Animal Cruelty Drug/Narcotic Offenses Drug/Narcotic Violations Drug Equipment Violations Gambling Offenses Betting/Wagering Operating/Promoting/Assisting Gambling Gambling Equipment Violations Sports Tampering Pornography/Obscene Material Prostitution Offenses Prostitution Assisting or Promoting Prostitution Purchasing Prostitution Weapon Law Violations