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Reverse Phone Lookup

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Introduced in early 2013, is already one of the leading web-based telephone directories, providing its users with a convenient resource to search for individual and residential telephone listings throughout the United States. White Pages has also added a reverse look-up feature, which allows users to search for names and addresses when they already have the phone numbers, but not the identifying information to go along with them.

The White Pages reverse search feature is fast, easy and convenient to use. Just enter a telephone number, including the area code, into the box above and click “Submit.” White Pages will display your results in a flash. Unlike bulky printed reverse phone directories, generally available only in public libraries, the reverse look-up feature of allows you to search for telephone number identifying information throughout the United States from your personal or office computer, and at no charge!

Utilizing a database of over 125 million telephone listings, we at are proud to offer our users the most reliable online source for finding both individual and residential phone numbers, as well as telephone number identification information through our reverse look-up feature. Take a few seconds and give us a try! You can also scan through recent edits as well as new listings by people just like you, wanting to be found, while keeping the world a little greener.

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