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Yext Corporation
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When it comes to the internet, that old real estate adage – location, location, and location – is just as true when it comes to getting your business noticed online. That's where Yext, a company that allows businesses to manage their listings for store locations, comes in, which is why Yellow Pages Directory Inc. has recently partnered with them in order to take their business to the next level of success.

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With companies such as Yellow Pages Directory Inc. – an innovator in digital business and telephone directory listings and an advocate for staunch environmentalism – and even powerhouses like Google becoming partners, it's apparent for all to see that Yext can help get your business out in front of as many prospective clients as possible. With only a small handful of entities currently able to boast of exclusive partnership with Yext, Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is posited to elevate our services and spread our  brand far and wide in our quest to be the number one destination for yellow and white page listings with an environmentally-friendly "green" edge.

But to the layman, what can Yext offer that will translate not only into real-world visibility on the Internet, but customers for your business? Yext enables businesses to update location-related information on multiple websites from one place; in fact, Yext can even update location data across 100 maps, apps, search engines and directories, including Apple, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo, and handles data for over 600,000 worldwide locations. In addition to the aforementioned brands, other prominent clients of their service include Sunglass Hut, Citibank, FedEx, and – of course – Yellow Pages Directory Inc.

Due to our exclusive partnership, getting a Yext listing automatically gets a business a Listing on Yellow Pages Directory Inc. as well; however, if you buy a listing from Yellow Pages Directory Inc. directly is a cheaper alternative than Yext membership, but no less effective for getting word out about your business, considering our 28.5 million (and counting) Yellow and White page listings of businesses and residences throughout the United States.

In addition, Yext's PowerListings network – which enables clients to update their Google Search and Maps listings in real time – has proven to be a huge asset to members within their network; what really makes Yext such an innovator as well as a powerful ally is the fact that business location information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines costs you real sales if that information is inconsistent. But with Yext, inconsistency is thrown out the window in favor of across-the-board consistency, and in turn, this generates reliability that can only help your business.

Simply put, when a business posts an individual update – say, into Facebook – it appears there and only there; any other sites or search engines much be updated manually as well, one-by-one. But with an update into Yext, it appears not just in Facebook, but also across a network encompassing any and every place your business reaches; you can control unified updates regarding location data that spans their nextwork of websites, mobile apps, internal systems, and the industry's largest system of maps, apps, social networks, directories, as well as search engines such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.

Social Media is also a huge way to reach potential customers and grow you business, and Yext even has that covered; with Sync, business owners can manage their Facebook Pages – regardless of the number – enabling them to update the page or pages in question in real time. Adding photos of new products or status updates telling your followers about a hot new promotion has never been easier, or this far-reaching.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York City, Yext was an innovator from the start, although their initial launch and early years did not include Google among their partners; the lack of the king of the search engine hill was seen as a setback of sorts, but the company still managed to enjoy rapid growth and investors took notice. But with their newest partnership with Google ensures the widest possible reach for their customers when it comes to keeping a neat, orderly online house. That's why Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is aboard; it not only speaks volumes about our growing clout and status within the online industry, but it also solidifies and elevates our ability to get our users the digital yellow and white page information they need when and how they need it.

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