Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Executive Package

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Executive Package

The Executive Package

Includes everything in the premium package plus upgrades.
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1. Banner Ad On Top Of Your Category Page, Including Unlimited Cities Of Your Choice or Entire State, or Nationwide! ($3,360 Per Year Value)

Your listing will be featured as a category sponsor top pick within your business category in unlimited cities or the entire state, or nationwide if you prefer. It will link directly to your business listing page. A banner at the top of your category page will separate yourself from the competition. It appears above all listing types including standard, featured and Web Portal sponsored listings. Banner Ad advertising will increase the click rate to your business page. This will help with your branding and give more visibility to a coupon or promotion that you may have. For mobile users, only your business will appear before you are needed to scroll down. Statewide banner ads insure every city in your state has easier access to your business. No other quality directory does statewide advertising for this low price.

2. Up To Ten Additional Business Categories ($1,200 Per Year Value).

Search engine websites like to build their database of local listings in part by the verifiable data they find on sites like Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Having local listings on web sites which contain your company name along with corresponding phone numbers, maps, and physical addresses make it highly likely that other sites will pick up this information and build listings based on these elements similar to the way Google Local does. All these locations and different categories will give search engines more keywords to pull results from. So, if your business qualifies for multiple categories and multiple locations, you want the search engines to recognize that. These ten additional categories will be a big piece of the puzzle to better Search Engine Visibility. All these categories and listings may require an edit or update in the future. Each edit requires contact with our customer support team, all of which requires a cost and expense on our part. On average, we find that each listing with categories requires approximately three edits per year. All these edits along with the additional categories would equate to about $1,200 dollars in savings. With any upgraded plan you get unlimited edits on your listing, category, and/or any of the websites we built for you.

3. Free Link At The Bottom of Every Page of Every City in your State that goes Directly To Your Business Listing. Yellow & White Pages ($2,400 Per Year Value)

Most websites charge $99 dollars or more for just ONE link similar to this and the majority of larger sites don't even offer this option. Usually for the one hundred dollars a month you might pay to acquire one high quality "link". In this case you will be receiving thousands of "links" with exposure to every city page on our website, in your state. You will also receive an internal link to your listing page on every single city page across the entire White Pages section, in your state. Your entire total "link" exposure would now be included on tens of thousands of pages (Yellow and White Pages) with all pointing directly to your website YP business listing. This will help you with your Google rankings and that is the most important thing in growing your business on the web.

4. Free Email Blast To Your Entire Customer Base. ($500 Value)

We will email your own email database for you. It is very difficult to reach all your past or current customers in one single shot. If you have over 1,000 verified emails, we will send out promotional materials on your behalf from the Yellow Pages Directory email server. Please keep in mind, we need to follow email spamming rules and regulations. These emails need to be accurate, verifiable current or past customers and it needs to include some Yellow Pages Information within it. This will ensure that those customers don’t just see a blanket advertising email campaign from you, and report it as spam. This high quality email campaign will ensure that your marketing materials will be delivered to their proper email address. Similar email companies charge excessive fees for these types of services, without any guarantee of delivery. You create the Ad, but please keep in mind it can only be a one page text ad of 200 words or less. This is available at the anniversary of your listing with us. For national email promotional pricing separately, please contact one of our service reps.


5. Free Nationwide Press Release, Personally Written By One of Our Writers Or Reporters After Twelve Months. ($189 Value)

One of writers on staff will conduct a brief interview with you or one of your employees. He will learn about your business, it’s background and write about any new programs or promotions, you may have. Upon your approval, he will distribute that article all over the web, through a certified PR web company. This press release will include links to your website and contact information, so potential new customers can reach you easily. To reiterate, search engines look at these articles and other data when displaying search results. When someone is searching the web for something specific or they need more information on your company, a press release is a great way to provide additional and updated information. While search-ability is very important, we want your press release to be personalized, filled with unique content. Spreading the word and showcasing your business in a different light, is really what this is all about. To view a sample press release from Yellow Pages Directory click here.

6. Free Advertising Link For Your Business In Our National Annual Newsletter for national advertisers. ($250 Value)

One time per year we email out our National Newsletter to all advertisers. We currently have approximately 27 million business listings on our website. Your current Yellow Pages business link can be featured in the newsletter if you are a national advertiser. If you prefer, your own website can be included in our newsletter. National brand recognition is very important to any business. This can increase or develop B to B sales nationwide. Using our cost effective, non spam, email marketing campaign will put your business page in front of hundreds of thousands of potential new customers. The Yellow Pages has a long history and tradition of helping companies get more sales. Being part of our national email campaign gives your company instant credibility. You have to ask yourself, what is the point of having a business or a website if there is no strategy or objective in letting everyone know about it. A website should not be simply used for your own customers, it should be used to attract new clientele. Our advertising platforms will increase your search engine visibility on Google and all major search engines. Look at your website like real estate, the more views or traffic it gets, the more valuable it is.

7. Free Social Media Promotion To Over 12,000 Followers ($300 Value) (Upon Request)

Upon request, Yellow pages will provide your company with Free Social media promotion. Major corporations and small companies alike are starting to realize the importance of Social Media. A good portion of most advertising dollars are now dedicated to Social Media exclusively. Yellow Pages Directory currently has Social Media accounts with both Facebook and Twitter. Over the years we have accumulated well over 12,000 followers. These followers can now be used to spread the word on your company. As a premium member, we will post something about your company on our Social Media platform each year. These thousands of followers will see links to your website and see what you have to offer and hopefully re-tweet or 'like' what we are posting. This is one small step in getting your company acclimated to Social Media. If you currently have Facebook or Twitter for your business, we will gladly follow you and retweet or like what you are posting as well. Once your message, or business link is set up at the beginning of your account, we will run that message year after year. One thing about the web, is that you never know what message will go viral. If you need changes in your messaging often, an additional service fee may apply. As an Executive advertiser you get to benefit from our dedicated followers and we are happy to share that with you, Free of charge.


8. Satisfaction Guarantee

After your initial six month commitment, if you are unhappy for any reason with our Executive Services or Free listings, you can quit and cancel payments any time. Yellow Pages Directory will take it a step further and offer you our exclusive satisfaction guarantee. We will guarantee your free business listings for the life of your business. This means you will never be charged an annual fee for your business listings again. The savings can be substantial. For example: 10 years of Free business listings will be equivalent to a $3,000 credit on your account. You will still remain a "verified" business and you will maintain all the perks and features of a "verified" business. You will also maintain a competitive Ad Free business listing page, which means we will not attach any Google ads to any of your landing pages. These pages will still include coupons, office hours, and much more. We will even monitor and ignore all unverified negative comments or reviews, for the life of your listing, Free of charge.

Just $99.95 a month. 6 month minimum commitment.
Call a salesperson for more details, (212) 918-4474 or email

FREE UP-GRADE OPTION! With a closing of any of our business loan services or setting up a new qualified merchant account, we will sponsor your company into our Premium service. So by simply doing smart business with one our preferred vendors you will get everything listed, at no cost to you. We can save you money on your current line of credit with a lower interest rate and save you money on your current merchant account processing fees. We can also get you a new line of credit, new working capital and a new merchant account, if need be. Regardless, you will still be getting the Yellow Pages money back guarantee. Yellow Pages is a trusted service that has the ability and confidence to grow your company with little to no expense.

Both of our sponsors have guaranteed to beat your current interest rates on working capital or merchant service fees. If they can't they will buy you one Free additional business listing.

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