Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Premium Package

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Premium Package

The Premium Package

You can upgrade to the executive and platinum package.

1. Banner Ad On Top Of Your Category, Including Up To Ten Cities Of Choice. ($2,160 Per Year Value)

Your listing will be featured as a category sponsor top pick within your business category in ten major cities of your choice. It will link directly to your business listing. A banner at the top of your category page will separate yourself from the competition. It appears above all listing types including standard, featured and Web Portal sponsored listings. Banner Ad advertising will increase the click-through rate to your business page. This will help with your branding, and give more visibility to a coupon or promotion that you may have. For mobile users, only your business will appear before you are needed to scroll down. Statewide banner ads are also available in the Executive Package. Email for questions.

Top Of Your Category

2. Ad Free Business Page, With The Removal Of Any "Google Ads" Competitor Advertising.

All competing Ads from Google, Amazon etc will no longer appear on your business page. Currently, all web pages on our website "Yellow Pages Directory" have Google Ads embedded into them, as you would normally see with other online business directories. We feel this may not allow for the maximum, exclusive exposure of your products and services. As a result, when you sign up for our premium or executive packages, your landing page will become Google Ad free. This will exclusively highlight your contact information, products and services without any potential interference. Plus, your landing page will load quicker and it will be easier to read on any mobile device.

3. Two Additional Free Business Categories ($160 per year value)

When you upgrade to our premium package, we will offer you immediate savings and stop the recurring annual fee for your business listing. In addition to that we will provide you with one additional listing that you can use for a different category or location. Search engine websites like to build their database of local listings in part by the verifiable data they find on sites like Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Having local listings on web sites which contain your company name along with corresponding phone numbers, maps, and physical addresses make it highly likely that other sites will pick up this information and build data based on these elements similar to the way Google Local does. All these locations and different categories will give search engines more keywords to pull results from. So, if your business qualifies for multiple categories and multiple locations, you want search engines to recognize that. The value of this package when you include, on average two edits per year, equated to around $160 dollars. This additional listing will be a small piece of the puzzle to better Search Engine Visibility.


Free Links that Redirect Directly To Your Own Website - "Follow Back-Links" ($1200 Value)

The key to getting more business on the web, is making your company or website more visible within the search engines. Link building is probably the most essential important part of that strategy. More links to your website give you more locations that feature your sites information, which in turn, gives search engines like Google, more data to look at. As you may or may not know, a link from our banner ads are powerful "follow-links". Most online directories only provide and charge for internal, no-follow, links. These types of links are generally considered worthless and a waste of money, because of the little to no traffic they bring and lack of search engine authority. Only on the Yellow Pages Directory will you get the valuable search engine links that you need to increase Google rankings. SEV stands for “Search Engine Visibility” and the more back-links you have the better visibility you get. If you have a nationwide business you will also get a homepage "back-link" as well. Many companies with far less traffic charge much more for such an important advertising "follow back-link". All over the USA, search engine marketing companies rely on us for these types of links to be part of their search engine visibility strategies. These links will not only increase your traffic, they will help with your branding initiatives. Think about it, just a 5 to 10 percent jump in the search visibility rankings on Google can increase your bottom line profits by 50 to 80 percent. No one single advertising link can guarantee that immediate success, however one will never know which link from a good quality site can make the difference in your rankings on Google. The overall search metrics algorithms in place today are far more complex than any one person can figure out, however one thing is for sure that these links can only help. We have seen our advertisers websites jump in rankings substantially and immediately after the implementation of our advertising platform. For more information on search and why links are critical to search, feel free to contact one of our Google specialists.

Home Page

5. Free Internal Links To Your Yellow Pages Business Page on White & Yellow Pages. ($800 Value)

Not only will you get a link to your site as described above, you will have exclusive access to all state pages including our White Pages website. Your business listing page link will now appear on all city pages (of your state) on the Yellow and White Pages. We know the most important advertising you can do is to reach potential new customers, and being on the White Pages will help you achieve this goal. As mentioned above, links are very important to your landing page getting more visibility in the search engines. This can give you thousands of "internal listing links". Even though internal links from within our website are less important to the search companies visibility metrics, thousands of them will certainly make up for the lack of quality with quantity. You will not only reach potential new customers, you will enhance the search quality of your business listing, throughout our site. This will help grow your business, get more traffic, and of course give your company more product awareness to the general public. To view the White Pages Directory and see all the pages, please click on "White Pages" in the navigation bar at the top of the Yellow Pages website. Your link will be featured at the bottom of every page above the footer. If you have any questions on this please email us at or give us a call.

Link Pages

6. Free Customer Service Ad Rep Direct Hotline Number To Remove Any Inaccurate, Disputed, Fake Negative Reviews - With Concierge Service

One of the biggest problems we are seeing today, in the online directory business, is the posting of fake and bogus reviews by competing companies. These “fake reviews” are designed maliciously to hurt and harm your business. Anytime you advertise on the web, you expose yourself to these type of predatory acts. If you do not have someone moderating your online advertising, how will you ever know if your Ad is hurting your company more than helping. You're most likely currently paying other web services more than 99 dollars a month and your Ads can be costing you sales, not helping you. The Yellow Pages Directory has taken the unique position that all negative reviews need an extensive vetting process to insure accuracy and reliability. All premium verified businesses get this enhanced screening process. We stand behind our business owners rights to dispute any unwanted or negative reviews. We promise the immediate removal and deletion of such reviews for the life of your listing. This takes a lot of time and resources on our end, but we value your business and we want you to feel secure that you are more than getting your monies worth. All premium advertisers also have our money back guarantee as mentioned above and we will continue this moderating for as long as you're in business, Free of charge. The lifelong value in this type of service is priceless. We want to be your one-stop shop, when it comes to Internet Marketing, and we are very confident that your business will grow. In addition to that, you will be receiving the Yellow Pages "Executive Concierge Service" which will provide you with your own dedicated sales reps personal cell phone number to call if there are any issues that arise with any of your listings.

7. Free Social Media Promotion To Over 12,000 Followers ($300 Value) (Upon Request)

Upon request, Yellow pages will provide your company with Free Social media promotion. Major corporations and small companies alike are starting to realize the importance of Social Media. A good portion of most advertising dollars are now dedicated to Social Media exclusively. Yellow Pages Directory currently has Social Media accounts with both Facebook and Twitter. Over the years we have accumulated well over 12,000 followers. These followers can now be used to spread the word on your company. As a premium member, we will post something about your company on our Social Media platform each year. These thousands of followers will see links to your website and see what you have to offer and hopefully re-tweet or 'like' what we are posting. This is one small step in getting your company acclimated to Social Media. If you currently have Facebook or Twitter for your business, we will gladly follow you and retweet or like what you are posting as well. Once your message, or business link is set up at the beginning of your account, we will run that message year after year. One thing about the web, is that you never know what message will go viral. If you need changes in your messaging often, an additional service fee may apply. As an Executive advertiser you get to benefit from our dedicated followers and we are happy to share that with you, Free of charge.


8. Satisfaction Guarantee

After your initial six month commitment, if you are unhappy for any reason with our Premium Services or Free listings, you can quit and cancel payments any time. Yellow Pages Directory will take it a step further and offer you our exclusive satisfaction guarantee. We will guarantee your Free business listings for the life of your business. This means you will never be charged an annual fee for your business listings again. The savings can be substantial. For example: 10 years of Free business listings will be equivalent to a $1,000 credit on your account. You will still remain a "verified" business and you will maintain all the perks and features of a "verified" business. You will also maintain a competitive Ad Free business listing page, which means we will not attach any Google ads to any of your landing pages. These pages will still include coupons, office hours, and much more. We will even monitor and ignore all unverified negative comments or reviews, for the life of your listing, Free of charge.

Just $59.95 a month. 6 month minimum commitment.
Call a salesperson for more details, (212) 918-4474 or email

FREE UP-GRADE OPTION! With a closing of any of our business loan services or setting up a new qualified merchant account, we will sponsor your company into our Premium service. So by simply doing smart business with one our preferred vendors you will get everything listed, at no cost to you. We can save you money on your current line of credit with a lower interest rate and save you money on your current merchant account processing fees. We can also get you a new line of credit, new working capital and a new merchant account, if need be. Regardless, you will still be getting the Yellow Pages money back guarantee. Yellow Pages is a trusted service that has the ability and confidence to grow your company with little to no expense.

Both of our sponsors have guaranteed to beat your current interest rates on working capital or merchant service fees. If they can't they will buy you one Free additional business listing.

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Premium ($59/month) | Executive ($99/month) | Platinum ($399/month)

For questions or to become a Yellow Pages re-seller contact sales.

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