Tips for Effectively Promoting Your Business Listing

Tips for Effectively Promoting Your Business Listing

If you need a website, you can add a single page responsive site to any ad package. To see a sample click here.

Making Sure Consumers Find Your Business:

When consumers are searching for information on a business, the greater number of times your listing is found, the more likely you will be chosen over a competitor. People looking for service providers have many choices before them. Making it easy for people to find your Yellow Pages listing can help ensure consumers choose you. Below is a snap-shot of how your business can appear in Google by simply promoting it. This is may or may not happen on its own, but linking to your page helps speed up the process. The more you do, the better visibility you may get. To find out more about us click here.


Establishing Multiple Local Listings:

Search engines like Google build their database of local listings in part by the verifiable data they find on the web through various Yellow Page sites like this one. Having local listings on web sites which contain company names along with corresponding phone numbers, addresses, and maps make it highly likely that other sites will pick up your information and build listings based on these elements similar to the way Google Local does, see graphic below. Upgrading or enhancing your listing will give you Free additional locations and different categories for search engines to use and display. Click here to learn more:

Local Listings

Using The Permalink Option To Promote Listings:

Listings can be promoted by linking to them on your web site or social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Search engines view a link to a web page as a vote for that page. If search engines find that many places link to a particular page, they determine that the page is valuable. Each link to a web page contributes a little bit of value in the search engine's algorithm, which helps contribute to which pages come up in search results. Using the permalink feature below will help you add a link to the page on this site which contains your business information which, in turn, helps ensure your listing appears with other local competing pages.

Local Listings

To use the permalink feature, visit your listing and copy the link for use anywhere you decide.

Using The Social Networking Widgets To Promote Listings:

It is now more important than ever that your business information appear within social circles. Search engines continue to find new innovative ways to "measure" the information they find. Having your business information appear within social circles is important. For instance, FaceBook's "like button" is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out." Click the "like button", to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Click or Tweet to post your listing on Twitter too. Search engines do view these votes as a way to determine a pages importance. Each vote counts and contributes to how search engine algorithms display your page in search results. Using the social networking buttons will help friends, contacts, and others on the web find your business. To follow us on FB, please click the link here: Follow us, and you will be part of our 10,000 followers who all support the "green movement". We support the ending of printing physical phone books and the wasteful delivery to people who may not want them or need them. Those who still prefer the old fashion Yellow Pages books should be the only ones receiving a book. Please click on our Opt-Out page to learn more, and save a tree today!

To view more social widgets please visit your listing, then click the buttons near the right side of the page.

Improve your Local "Citations Score" within the Search Engines for better Visibility.

Local citations are import from a validation perspective when it comes to ranking well in local searches in search engines. Businesses that having matching details, especially those which include a link to a website help search engines know that contact details are likely valid. You want as many business listings including a website address as possible and you want them to match everywhere on the web. If a search engine sees a phone number and physical address that is always different and a company name that often does not match the other information, the probability score of accuracy is weak. Alternatively, when search engines notice a frequency of matching information it tens to raise that reliability score and search engines, especially local map listings always want to display the most likely to be accurate info to searchers. When someone performs a search, if the phone number is wrong or belongs to the wrong business, this decreases the reliability of the listing and leads to a poor user experience and probability of inaccurate listings data. Due to this, try to maintain accurate listings for your business and try to acquire as many as possible on local websites where the opportunity exists to list your business name, phone, web URL and physical address.

Want More? Add Pay-Per-Click Advertising Specifically For Your Listing

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. offers set-up and management of Google Pay-Per-Click advertising that puts your specific page in front of millions of searchers. Shoppers who click on your ads are taken directly to your page to view your listing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Feel Free to contact us for more information on advertising services for your business.

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