Yellow Pages Directory Platinum Items

Yellow Pages Platinum Items

Platinum Basic

Buy only the specific items in the platmum upgrade.

Platinum Items by themselves without Executive or Premium items is $349/month.

The Platinum package is the only package that can be split from Premium and Executive. If you are interested in the service items which are included with the Platinum Package and you do not want the items within Executive and/or Premium, use the button below to purchase only the three items which make up the Platinum upgrade.

Purchasing the Platinum plan alone will still include:

  • Your business page link to every 350 million pages of our website
  • Top category sponsor banner Ad for your business category within the top 10 cities of your choice.
  • Ad Free business listing, with no competitor advertising.
  • Free Internet Advertising To Over 60 different Websites. Popular sites include Google, Amazon Alexa, Aol, Bing, Apple, Yahoo, FaceBook, Waze, Snap Chat, Yelp, Trip Adviser, Instagram and so many more. ($6,000 Value)

Just $349.95 a month. 6 month minimum commitment.
Call a salesperson for more details, (212) 918-4474 or email [email protected]

Upgrade now: Use the checkout buttons below: $349.95 a month

PowerListings Example
To see the full list click here. This is important for franchises and businesses with multiple locations who need to be all over the web but can not physically manage all the location data separately. Some of the companies using this service include Wendy’s, Taco Bell and other similar franchises. However, any business that would like multiple directory listings and to fully control those listings across the Internet is a good fit for this program. Even a small Mom and Pop shop would be ideal for this type of exposure. When considering the low monthly price, there is no reason why any company should not join this network today!

1. Free Internet Advertising To Over 60 different Websites. Popular sites include Google, Amazon Alexa, Aol, Bing, Apple, Yahoo, FaceBook, Waze, Snap Chat, Yelp, Trip Adviser, Instagram and so many more. ($6,000 Value)

Yellow Pages Directory, home of the original and official Yellow Pages on the web, has set up agreements with all the top directories nationwide. The average cost of placing an Ad on each site can range from 20 dollars to over 100 dollars per year or in some cases monthly. While the cost of advertising on all these websites at one time can range into the thousands of dollars. The time you save by being part of the “Web Directory Network”, will be priceless. No more searching and researching the best directories. No more second guessing on which ones are worth subscribing to and which ones are not. We do the vetting process for you, and advertise to all of these directories for one low monthly price.

You will immediately get over 60 business listings on the web. You will immediately get over 60 more listings visible to the search engine. You will immediately have the ability to edit all those listings in one single place. A lot of our customers think this is all too good to be true, but we have spent a lot of time and resources on our end finding the best 60 directories in the United States for you. We are constantly adding new directories to the list every few months, so as the network grows, so will your visibility grow. Search engines need more data to help in their search algorithms. This is probably the only way you can effectively reach over 100 different, high quality websites without manually doing all the inputting of data yourself. For a complete list of all the websites you can now become part of, please refer to the graphic below.

2. Free Nationwide Press Release, Personally Written By Our Writers Or Reporters. ($389 Value)

One of writers on staff will conduct a brief interview with you or one of your employees. He will learn about your business, it’s background and write about any new programs or promotions, you may have. Upon your approval, he will distribute that article all over the web, through a certified PR web company. This press release will include links to your website and contact information, so potential new customers can reach you easily. To reiterate, search engines look at these articles and other data when displaying search results. When someone is searching the web for something specific or they need more information on your company, a press release is a great way to provide additional and updated information. While search-ability is very important, we want your press release to be personalized, filled with unique content. Spreading the word and showcasing your business in a different light, is really what this is all about. To view a sample press release from Yellow Pages Directory click here.

3. Free Landing Page On Our Website That Will Permanently Display The Press Release And Provide Easy Access To Your Website And Business Listings. ($1,200 Value)

Landing pages will highlight your business. It again, gives search engines more data to use in their search metrics and it gives a complete detailed description of what your business is all about. From your business history, or whatever content you wrote about in your press release, these landing pages are a great way to promote your business. Landing pages could be and should be linked from your own website, as well. Professional done and beautifully displayed, they are a great way to compliment any website you currently have in place.

4. Banner Ad On Top Of Your Category Page, Including Up To TEN Cities Of Your Choice or Entire State or Nation! ($5,200 Per Year Value)

A banner Ad, or what’s also called a category sponsor Ad, will appear at the top of all other advertisers for your particular category. You will get to choose between Free additional advertising over any of the 10 top cities near you, or choose between the entire state or nation. Some businesses can not do business over the entire state, (they dont travel that far). Many other businesses cannot do business nationally, they only do business locally. Some businesses indeed have the ability to do business nationwide, as shipping to other states is not an issue. Advertising statewide and nationwide is normally very expensive. Most directories do not have the capability or web traffic capacity to offer some sort of advertisement on a national scale. From a technical standpoint it's very difficult to make this happen. A normal database uses a particular address, when displaying a banner Ad. So the ability to display a banner Ad for your business, above all other advertisers across the entire nation or state is very unique. This custom, control advertising is made available to you in the Platinum Pan.

It will link directly to your business listing page. A banner at the top of your category page will separate yourself from the competition. It appears above all listing types including standard, featured and Web Portal sponsored listings. Banner Ad advertising will increase the click rate to your business page. This will help with your branding and give more visibility to a coupon or promotion that you may have. For mobile users, only your business will appear before you are needed to scroll down. Statewide banner ads insure every city in your state has easier access to your business. No other quality directory does statewide advertising for this low price.

Once payment is made you are agreeing to the PayPal User Agreement as well as our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Any account cancellation must be done in writing 3 days prior to due date or through the Paypal portal. Please note: A six month minimum subscription commitment is required and the first payment acknowledges that agreement.

Premium ($59/month) | Executive ($99/month) | Platinum ($399/month)

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