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With every verified business listing, Yellow Pages Directory will notify, monitor, and screen all of your negative/positive reviews. As you are likely aware, with millions of users, the web can be a place where Internet trolls and jealous competitors have the ability to post negative reviews on competing companies online. Most sites have no legitimate screening process in place. Our staff at Yellow Pages Directory screens all reviews for you; giving notification of any negative reviews before being posted. Only reviews you deem credible and/or pass our thorough screening process will be published for viewing by the general public. Unlike the BBB, when you pay to become a new or verified business, you can rest assured that you're not paying for the publication of potentially inaccurate negative publicity.

With only our very small verification fee, our immense traffic and advertisers allow us to make it possible for you, the business owner, to be in control of your listing. We understand that without business owners like you, Yellow Pages Directory would not exist. Our approach and view is to treat your business as our valued customer. In addition, you'll always maintain a top highlighted position in your business category. Become verified today. To find out more about us click here.

Why Advertise with Yellow Pages Directory?

1. Get More Business:

Once you list your business with us you're immediately part of our national database with over 27 million businesses like yours. Yellow Pages Directory Inc. makes it easier for the general public to find your business on the web when doing a web search. Our staff are experts in Internet marketing and are dedicated to helping grow your business while saving the environment. It's our duty and responsibility to get your listing as many page views as possible.

2. Yellow Pages Directory, A Name You Can Trust:

The Yellow Pages has had a long history of quality name brand recognition. Currently the Yellow Pages Directory is ranked in the top 1/100 of 1 percent, of all websites worldwide. However, it's relative strength and Google visibility, may be even higher. In today's environment its almost impossible to find a directory you can completely trust. Yellow Pages is Incorporated in the state of New York, with the trademark pending for the "Official Yellow Pages Directory". Millions and millions of ads are viewed by our customers each and every year. Yellow Pages Directory is a certified "Yext" partner and only the top sites in the U.S. are qualified. Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership.

3. Industry Low Price:

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. keeps your costs as low as possible when you submit a new business to our database. Due to this industry low pricing, all updates and edits to current listings will be charged a small service processing fee. Similar web sites charge much higher fees to maintain and market your listing. A new listing is only $49.95 per year. Executive and premium listings packages are both under $100 dollars per month. You will get email marketing, social media exposure, and most importantly more traffic to your website. To learn more about these services email us at sales@yellowpagesdirectory.com

4. What You Get:

  1. A complete full-page ad that provides all of your contact information, along with a link to your site.
  2. Automatically feature your business above your competition in any category of your choice.
  3. Great visibility on top search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others). Our award winning site structure helps ensure your business page gets more visibility, on search engines.
  4. Optional online coupons and printable discount offers attached to your business listing.
  5. Optional custom descriptions which describe your business and services in your own words.
  6. Optional feature to display your business hours or hours of operation within your listing.
  7. A convenient place for the public to review your business and make comments on your services.
  8. A Google map that will display your business address and location in an easy-to-use manner.
  9. Instant visibility (within one hour) on Twitter.com and other social circles as your listing is added.
  10. Satisfaction in knowing you're contributing to an online-only, Eco friendly, version of the Yellow Pages.
  11. Speedy resolution in regard to comments or reviews deemed inappropriate or outright false.

What You Get

5. Review Resolution Specialist:

Listings which are displayed on this web site due to a valid and active payment authorization are entitled to enhanced customer service responses if and when an issue arises regarding user reviews, both positive and negative, such as a user leaving a comment on a business listing. In the event a listing contains a review or comment and you, as an advertiser and customer, have a good-faith belief that such user generated content is either a) placed by a competing business, b) violates our terms of use, or c) is outright spam, you may contact us to resolve, and if appropriate, remove the comment or review entirely from the business listing. Although it is impossible for administrators and editors to review each and every piece of user generated content, as an advertiser, you are entitled to speedy-resolution and the guaranteed removal of any inaccurate posts or reviews.

6. Increase Your Visibility on Search Engines:

Adding your business to the Yellow Pages Directory Inc. will, in turn, help your web site obtain a higher visibility on Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All new listings include a link to your web site. Search engines rely on verifiable data as well as web URL when evaluating where to place your listing within their results pages. Increasing your link popularity (the number of quality sites that link to you) is important from a search engine visibility prospective. Throughout the industry, most online advertising strategies include some level of directory website submission, because it has been proven to work.

Yellow Pages Citations

7. Security and Privacy:

The Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is a solely-owned corporation in the State of New York. Along with helping the environment, the Yellow Pages Directory Inc. is dedicated to the privacy and security of all our advertisers and members. All payments are processed through a secure terminal via PayPal keeping your information encrypted to ensure the highest degree of safety. Yellow Pages Directory Inc. web server never sees your credit card number or secure payment information during a transaction.

8. Support the Green Movement:

With greater financial resources, Yellow Pages Directory Inc. can continue its mission to spread the word about how wasteful and harmful it is to continue the delivery of the old, outdated, printed Yellow Pages to both businesses and residences. In addition to these efforts, a portion of all proceeds is donated to our pick of a "Green" charity at the end of each calendar year. We believe that people should opt-in and request a Yellow Pages book rather than the mailing of the Yellow Pages to everyone arbitrarily. We are the Official Yellow Pages Online and we feel that everyone should gravitate to using the online version of the Yellow Pages.

9. Other Local Placements:

Search engine web sites like Google build their database of local listings in part by the verifiable data they find on sites like Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Having local listings on web sites which contain your company name along with corresponding phone numbers, maps, and physical addresses make it highly likely that other sites will pick up this information and build listings based on these elements similar to the way Google Local builds its own directory listing system with Google Maps. To find out more about this added benefit, or to see how this works, please visit our promote your listing page.

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